Winners of IAGB Antakshari and Other Competitions Announced as Community Celebrates India’s 70th Republic Day


BURLINGTON, MA—The team of Krishna and Anish Desai won the Antakshari competition at the Republic Day celebrations organized by the India Association of Greater Boston, known as IAGB. Please see below the list of all other winners. (Photos: Neil Pandit)

“We are so happy to see the continued growth of IAGB and the expanded reach,” said IAGB President Aditi Taylor. “With over 300 participants in the various competitions and the cultural performances, IAGB is proud to offer this platform to connect everyone across various dimensions of our community.”

IAGB President Aditi Taylor

While IAGB is planning many other events for the youth and civic and community services areas in the near future, Ms. Taylor also announced the “save the date” for IAGB’s flagship India Day on August 17, 2019 at the Boston City Hall Plaza in Boston.

From left to right: IAGB Vice President Sanjay Kenchegowda, Chief Guest Latha Mangipudi, Master of Ceremony Sanjay Kudrimoti and Vasudha Kudrimoti

“Continuing on the grand success of India Day, Republic Day celebration was abuzz with festive mood, excitement and enthusiastic participation from all corners, illustrating India’s rich cultural heritage and its unity in the diversity,” said IAGB Vice President Sanjay K. Gowda. “The fully packed crowd enjoyed the tense and aha moments of Antakshari Grand Finale.”

Here is the list all the winners of various competitions held at Republic Day on Saturday at Burlington High School in Burlington, MA.

Emcees of the evening were: Sanjay Kudrimoti, Director, IAGB; and Swati Gahlaut, Director, IAGB. Guests of Honor were NH State Rep. Latha Mangipudi, and MA state Senator Kay Khan.


Winners – Burmanicas : Krishna and Anish Desai

Runner-up – Mile Sur Mera Tumhara :  Shilpa Shetty and Rajesh Iyer

Emcees: Sanjay Kudrimoti, Director, IAGB; and
Swati Gahlaut, Director, IAGB


  • Shankar Venkateshwaran – First Prize
  • Vishal Taylor – Second Prize
  • Arpita Kulkarni – Special Mention


Category – Under 8

  • Vihaan Jain – First Prize
  • Kadhir Vallatharassu – Second Prize
  • Risha Vishwashankar – Third Prize

Category – Under 14

  • Saanvi Tiruveedhula – First Prize
  • Arnesh Sachin – Second Prize
  • Aryaman Hegde – Third Prize

Category – Adults

  • Vishwa Krishnamurthy – First Prize
  • Sachin Yeola – Second Prize
  • Kishore Tiruveedhula – Third Prize


  • Raj Taylor, Veer Taylor – First Prize
  • Anya Bhandari, Prisha Bhandari – Second Prize


Category – Under 15

  • Kirthivarsha Sivakumar – First Prize
  • Rayna Parikh – Second Prize
  • Aishwary Ramesh – Third Prize
  • Diya Munshi – Special Mention

Category – Adults

  • Priya Tanjore – First Prize
  • Kalai Ramesh – Second Prize
  • Preetpal Singh – Third Prize

Story Telling

Category:  K- Grade 2

  • Shakti Meiyur – First Prize
  • Aarav Vohra – Second Prize

Category: Grade 3 – 5

  • Pranav Yadla – First Prize
  • Shiv Meiyur – Second Prize


Category: 5-8 Years

  • Tushar Sivakumar – First Prize
  • Prayaa Popay – Second Prize
  • Avani Khasgiwale – Special Mention

Category: 9-13 Years

  • Anaya Joshi – First Prize
  • Shiva Meiyur – Second Prize
  • Pranav Yadla – Special Mention

Category: 13 – 16 Years

  • Krithi Sivakumar – First Prize
  • Apoorva Hegde – Second Prize.


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