Indian-American Woman, Mother of Two, Killed in Georgia in Apparent Carjacking

Dharmisthaben Patel was killed apparently in carjacking (Photo courtesy: Albany Herald.)

ALBANY, GA— An Indian-American woman, a mother of two, was killed apparently in carjacking in Albany, GA, according to news reports.

“After the shooting of Dharmisthaben Patel in Albany Saturday, the Albany Police Department is requesting assistance from the community in helping curtail the rise of violent crime that occurs around the holiday season,” reported Albany Herald. “At this time, investigators have only surveillance footage that captured the attempted carjacking/burglary outside of Devi’s Convenience Store as a lead into the investigation.”

Albany Herald reported that Patel, a mother of two, was leaving Devi’s Convenience Store with her husband, Bharat Ishvar Patel, when the suspect approached their vehicle.

“When Bharat Ishvar Patel drove away, the suspect fired into the vehicle, injuring Dharmisthaben Patel. She died while receiving treatment for the gunshot wound,” according to Albany Herald.

The newspaper quoted APD Detective Roger Jones as saying that the Patels did the best they could in that situation.

“The convenience store was well-lit and their surveillance footage provided a clear image of the shooting. But now the community is needed to find the person responsible for Dharmisthaben Patel’s death. Officers are canvassing the area for more surveillance and possible witnesses, but there are no new developments nor additional leads,” Albany Herald said.

“Unfortunately, at this time of the year around the holidays, we know that our persons crimes and violent crimes tend to spike,” Jones said as reported by Albany Herald. “We are anticipating a rise; however, we are also combating it by adding additional patrol on the streets.”


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