Deadline to Apply for TiE Boston’s ScaleUp Program is Aug. 24

TiE ScaleUp Cohort (File photo)

CAMBRIDGE, MA—The deadline for applying for TiE Boston’s ScaleUp program is this Friday, Aug. 24. TiE ScaleUp is an accelerator program specifically geared to help growth stage companies overcome common obstacles and barriers to scale.

Based in the Boston/Cambridge area, the ScaleUp Team supports Massachusetts-based startups that are now in need of the next stage of knowledge, mentoring, connections and resources, to successfully prepare for scale and their next capital raise.

Cohorts go through a 6-month program which kicks off in early October and culminates in a demo day and showcase at the end of March. The curriculum is taught by professors of leading business schools, serial entrepreneurs and thought leaders. The TiE ScaleUp Faculty curates each session to help you dig deep into the operations of your startup and to walk out with an immediately applicable framework or plan to scale.


TiE ScaleUp is a “sector agnostic” accelerator and we bring in companies from all areas of industry. Companies that are in a position to best leverage the offerings of ScaleUp often exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Commercially viable
  • Paying Customers
  • Planning to raise in the next 6 – 12 months
  • Management team in place
  • Receptive to review of company product/market fit
  • Understands their greatest challenges to scale
  • Founding team is open and receptive to help
  • Located in New England area
  • Commitment to participate in and complete the program

(Exceptions can be made for companies depending on the growth cycle of their sector. Not all of these characteristics must necessarily be present for a company to receive an invitation to TiE ScaleUp. If you have any questions on your eligibility, contact Simone LaPray at )


A program of TiE Boston, ScaleUp helps the teams of “Seed to Series A” companies overcome typical barriers to growth by helping them to optimize their strategic positioning, operations, sales and competitive advantage.


“When you have raised funding by developing your products and services, leveraging your team and offering a breakthrough value proposition to your customers – you are doing something right,” says TiE Boston. “We help you take your company to the next stage of growth by rolling up our sleeves and addressing topics and challenges relevant to companies in your maturity.”


“We know that this is a tough time for startups. You have customers, you have a team, you are burning through your cash and expectations are high,” says TiE Boston in its ScaleUp flyer. “Our community has a wealth of experience to help you tackle these challenges and prepare to scale. We have been there and we will help you get to where you need to go.”


“Founding a startup is tough. It’s lonely. TiE Boston has a vibrant community of serial entrepreneurs, thought leaders and industry experts who understand these challenges and can help you identify pathways to scale. Through TiE ScaleUp, we support your growth and help you succeed.”

To apply, please click here.


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