Comedy my forte but love to explore my acting abilities: Maniesh Paul

Maniesh Paul (IANS)

By Nivedita

New Delhi– Actor Maniesh Paul, who is currently seen as a host of singing reality show “Indian Idol” and will also be doing a short film “Black Briefcase”, says that comedy has always been his forte, however he would love to explore his acting abilities like the way he did with his film “Banjar”.

Maniesh Paul (IANS)

“Comedy is my forte and comes very naturally to me. This movie has widened my horizons to new roles and opportunities to explore my acting abilities. Any project that excites me and challenges my skills as an actor will definitely be a part of my future,” Maniesh told IANS in an e-mail interview.

The actor, who will next be seen in Bollywood film “Banjar” that will be releasing in October 2018, says that it’s a very special film for him as it gave him immense honour to play a Sardar onscreen.

“I have mostly done comedy in the past, this experience was new and challenging as an actor but I thoroughly enjoyed playing this character. Every film that I have done has been important for my career, I am personally very fond of the big hearted nature of Sardars and playing this honorable character was an experience that I am going to cherish forever,” he said.

“There is a lot of pressure to be able to portray a Sardar onscreen. I honestly feel honoured to be playing the role and I am hopeful I will do justice to it.

“This movie is an opportunity for me to show my audience a new side of me than what they are used to seeing. The film has been a memorable experience for me both as an actor and an individual,” added Maniesh.

The actor will also be seen in short film “Black Briefcase” that will be available online from August 18.

“I think short films are a happening trend in cinema right now. It’s very challenging because you have to speak a story in a short time and make sure it holds the same impact that a two hour long movie would. ‘Black Briefcase’ is a story that fascinated me when I first heard it. It was unlike any other movie that I had done and it was a new genre for me to explore.

“The story is thought provoking and has a very promising plot. I am really excited about this one,” he said.

The actor is one of the few examples who is doing both small and big screen at the same time so is it too difficult to juggle between small and big screen?

“I have always loved being in front of the camera, The process of a movie and a show are very different but I genuinely enjoy doing both. They give me an opportunity to be an actor and an anchor and I am equally passionate for both,” he said.

He also says that it’s an absolute pleasure to be associated with reality shows.

“I meet different people coming from various cities across the nation. Our country is a population of 1.3 billion people with different and unique talents, and to be part of a platform that gives an opportunity for these people to showcase their skills is a true honour,” he said.

Is he going to be part of fictional shows ever on small screen?

“The content on Television has evolved over the years. There are a few shows that I genuinely enjoy watching myself, I started my career with television and I owe a lot to this industry. I am always keen on being a part of exciting and fresh scripts and if they happen to come my way, I will pursue them,” he said.

Finally some advice for upcoming talents?

“My advice for all the budding actors, anchors or even singers is that do not give up in life and always believe in the possibilities. Yes I do believe luck plays an immense role in this industry but when you believe in yourself, miracles happen,” he said. (IANS)


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