Over 350 people attend Academy of Creative Arts’ 2018 art, dance and music showcase


BURLINGTON, MA–Close to 150 students from 4 to 45 years showcased their talent at the Academy of Creative Arts 2018 art, dance and music showcas. The students got an out-pour of encouragement from an audience of over 250 people.

“We are delighted to see the out-pour of love and encouragement for all our students and really thankful to all the parents for supporting their kids through this journey of exploring various forms of art at our academy. It was a day full of excitement for all the kids as they were the stars of the show.  We are just glad to be able to create such a platform for all creative people to come together,” said Java Joshi, the founder of Academy of Creative Arts.

Academy’s front studio converted into a beautiful art gallery showcasing paintings by Isha Khanzode, Rewa Deshpande, Sanah Chhabra, Sisira Potluru, Mira Chandrakasan, Simon Eldo, Avni Rathi, Yukta Singh, Jayakrishna Arvapalli, Anaya Joshi, Desandu Jayasinghe, Sumitra Rajagopal, Savita Rajagopal, Ananya Mathur, Eden Sneider, Yug Singh, Rhea Parayil, Maya Aggarwal, Shyla Aggarwal, Priyanka Iyer, Aaria Nagpal, Tanya Bannerjee, Shanay Tiwari, Thomas Conrad, Naveen Kothandaraman, Rohan Seth, Sophie Rana, Isabel Rana, Aaratrika Singh, Aashvi Khandwalla, Subhana Hussain, Nishika Karody, Raghav Shrivastava, Sawani Joshi, Aarav Chothe.

The art was done using various mediums such as charcoal & pencil sketches to oil pastels, water color, acrylic and oil… audiences and visitors were mesmerized by the creativity and talent the kids demonstrated during the art show.

Studio B & C were transformed into a beautifully lighted auditorium with stage and lights where vocal, Tabla, Odissi, Bhangra, Bharatnatyam and Bollywood dance students at the Academy gave a glimpse to both traditional and modern performing art forms. What was unique was a Karate demonstration by Yuvraj Joshi and Matt Wilinsky giving parents a view into what younger students can aspire to do.It was wonderful to see Academy’s public speaking students coached by Paresh Motiwala to MC the sequence of events.

“We often see adults driving and being the force on stage, but this show at Academy was a true showcase of students – everything from MC to performances to closing was all done by students who really were the shining stars of the show,” said Ms. Joshi. “Academy provides a great platform for students to gain experience, confidence and opportunities to shine.”

Academy’s Table Tennis program is also gaining momentum attracting some internationally acclaimed players. While the lower level studios were focused on showcasing art, the upper level and racquetball court were transformed into Table Tennis courts where students were preparing for national level competitions. New students and parents also had free TT play during the open house. Academy now has over 10 championship TT tables and every Friday converts into a Table Tennis club where national and international level players come, play and compete to up their game.

Performances started with a Table Tennis open play facilitated by Amit Shrivastava, Ayush Srivastava and Shiv Jha followed by a Bhangra demo choreographed by Rohit Bhambi and performed by Shivali Shrivastava.

Bollywood Swaggers Anaya Joshi, Rhea Yadav, Yug Singh, Shanay Tiwari, Sarisha Timilsina, Aaria Nagpal, Vriti Mehta and Aarav Chothe performed on fun Bollywood numbers choreographed by Sangya Padhi.

Beautiful and graceful Odissi Dance was choreographed by Mouli Pal and performed by Kirti Das, Alisha Kudtarkar, Hemantika Basu Nag, Sanvi Khedkar, Tanisha Choudhury, Meghna Datta and Aanya Kudtarkar. Graceful Odissi was followed by a Bollywood medley choreographed by Nikita Punjabi performed by Aarna Deshpande, Shaurya Kaila, Riyansh Bhardwaj, Aarna Gairi, Radha Shrivastava, Anushkaa Verma, Arya Deshmukh, Avni Pisharody, Dhyey Patel and Akshat Joshi.

Shobhit Kadakieri, Suraj Sanariya engaged the audiences with their Tabla performances coached by Abhilash Mehta. Tabla was followed by rendition of raag Durga in Hindustani vocal performance by Anaya Joshi, Oli Chakraborty followed by khayal presented by Ojas Mehta and Sunny Kapadia under able mentorship from Hindustani instructor Ujjwal Parikh.

Just to lift spirits back up from classical hard-working moms Alka Singh, Sheetal Chothe and Namrata Tiwari managed to find some time from their busy schedule really worked hard to put a spectacular performance on popular Bollywood medley choreographed by Sangya Padhi

Finally, little 5-8 yr. old kids won everybody’s hearts with their sweet disco dancers performance choreographed by Swasti Bhargava and performed by Ishan Kumar, Simrin Kumar, Shivam Kumar, Maya Kumar, Kairvi Rathi, Myra Srishailan, Shlok Jain, Nitin Bryant, Priya Bryant, Akshat Bhatia, Yukta Singh and Yug Rathi.

Arth and Anaya Joshi kids of founders of Academy casually walked up on-stage impromptu between the performances and certificate distribution feeling the urge to share their journey with Academy as to how Academy was formed by their parents when they were very young has impacted their upbringing and growth. They shared their feeling beautifully winning hearts of parents in audience.

After the ceremonies Academy’s BollyX instructor Swasti got all the fathers on the stage and had them all learn and perform on some fun high energy songs to celebrate Father’s Day.

Performances were followed by certificate and gift distribution from community catalyst Puran Dang and  Kamlesh Dang. They graced the occasion as the chief guests and encouraged all the students by their kind words and handing out certificates and awards.

“We are just grateful that God chose us as a medium to create this platform. What started as something we wanted to provide for our 2 little kids has now turned into something that is providing learning opportunities to over 500 students across various programs. On this Father’s Day we feel like we have adopted 500 kids in addition to our 2 kids and its wonderful,”said co-founder Hetal Joshi

Academy of Creative Arts is a school of creative and performing arts with over 30+ different programs such as art, music, dance, table tennis, henna, public speaking, theater and acting etc. all under ONE roof in Burlington. For more information visit www.academyofcreativearts.org  .


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