Don’t allow pro-Khalistani meet in London, India tells Britain

Raveesh Kumar (Photo: Twitter)

New Delhi–India said on Thursday it had asked Britain not to allow a meeting of pro-Khalistanis scheduled in London next month.

Stating that India had issued a demarche to Britain, External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said: “We have seen reports and I would like to confirm that we have taken this matter up with the UK government.

“We expect that the UK government will not allow any such group, whose intention is to spread hatred and impact our bilateral relations, to use its country.”

Sikhs for Justice (SFJ), a human rights advocacy group with radical leaning, has announced that it will hold what it calls a “London Declaration” on an independence referendum for the Indian state of Punjab in London on August 12.

Kumar said the majority of the Sikh community, whether they be in Britain or living in other countries, have very good relations with India.

“They also have good relations with the countries in which they are living,” he said.

“As far as such small groups are concerned, I believe these are fringe elements and their job is to spread hatred and communal disharmony.”


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