Preetika gets offers to do reality shows almost every year

Preetika Rao (Photo: Twitter)

New Delhi– Actress Preetika Rao, best known for playing Aaliya in “Beintehaa”, says people often offer her reality shows but she is not keen on taking them up.

She has appeared in reality shows like “Bigg Boss” and “Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa” as a guest but has never participated in any of the non-fiction shows as a contestant.

Preetika Rao (Photo: Twitter)

“I get offers to do reality shows almost every year but I think at the moment, I am not looking at doing reality shows. I am a very private person so, I feel comfortable in doing my job, which is acting, and then coming back home,” Preetika told IANS over phone from Mumbai.

“But those who are comfortable in being a part of reality shows, it is excellent as they get to show their real self and not the characters that they play. People eventually get to know them by their name.

“I am still known as Aaliya from ‘Beintehaa’. In TV shows, you don’t even have your name showing up in the beginning,” added the actress, who has starred in Tamil film “Chikku Bukku” and Telugu movie “Priyudu”.

So, why is she still doing TV shows?

“South is very regional. TV is pan-India. I was surprised that ‘Beintehaa’ got dubbed and released in so many countries. I was even invited to Tanzania for an award show. So, there is no comparison between regional cinema and national TV in India,” she said.

Is she happy with her career after the launch of her debut show “Beintehaa” in 2014?

“After ‘Beintehaa’, I had signed two shows which did not take off. I wasted about one year in just waiting. Finally, I got a call for ‘Love Ka Hai Intezaar’. It took one year to start. That was fine as I had stomach infection. I was ill for six months. So, I wouldn’t have been able to work.

“I know that there were a lot of unexpected delays but that’s the way TV operates. You need to be patient,” said Preetika.

She will soon star in the opening episode of &TV’s upcoming show “Laal Ishq”.

“These are stories with a supernatural twist. They are more like what we used to watch during childhood — haunted and suspense shows,” she said.

Without revealing much, she said she is paired opposite Priyank Sharma in the show, which will have some “nail biting elements”.

“I would say it is a love story about a couple and how they face certain challenges which are supernatural that come in the way of their love story,” she said.

There are more shows coming up in the same genre. Isn’t the audience getting too much of supernatural shows?

“Even if they are… they will be on different channels and have different timings. Our TV is anyway full of family dramas. They don’t have anything new age to offer because our television is very TRP driven.

“That is why they need mass content and that is why they cater to small towns…So, even if similar shows are being launched, it’s still a relief.” (IANS)


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