Of maths, social media and youngsters’ struggles


New Delhi–┬áLearn how to resolve mathematical puzzles and paradoxes, mind-bending concepts and their surprising solutions; know how to put the pieces together to create a powerful social media presence; flick through the story of five youngsters who have to deal with extreme circumstances and learn how the consequences made these ordinary individuals extraordinary.

Finally wade through a collection of “real stories for tough kids” that features crisp and easy to read biographies of 56 inspiring women.

The IANS bookshelf has all this on offer for its readers this weekend.

1. Book: Weird Maths; Authors: David Darling and Agnijo Banerjee; Publisher: Harper Collins; Price: Rs 499; Pages: 269

Is anything truly random? Does infinity actually exist? Could we ever see into other dimensions?

In this journey of discovery, David Darling and child prodigy Agnijo Banerjee draw connections between the cutting edge of modern mathematics and life as we understand it, delving into the strange — would we like alien music — and venturing out on quests to consider the existence of free will and the fantastical future of quantum computers.

Packed with puzzles and paradoxes, mind-bending concepts and surprising solutions, this is for anyone who wants life’s questions answered — even those you never thought to ask.

2. Book: The Essential Social Media Marketing Handbook; Author: Gail Z. Martin; Publisher: Rupa; Price: Rs 295; Pages: 235

It’s time to take the fear and frustration out of social media.

In today’s crowded marketplace, it’s harder than ever to rise above the noise and clutter. For millions of businesses, a savvy approach to social media is the secret to creating sustainable engagement with a profitable niche audience. Social media done right can build and strengthen your relationship with your customers, encourage brand loyalty, extend your influence, and expand your credibility.

Social media changed the world and its platforms have evolved to meet the world’s changing needs. You’ve got more choices than ever before in online video, web audio, tele-seminars and more, plus new ways to attract prospects, retain customers, and reach a bigger audience. The trick is learning how to put the pieces together to create a powerful social media presence that draws in your ideal clients around the clock and around the world.

By using the powerful strategies in “The Essential Social Media Marketing Handbook”, you will jump ahead of the competition and get to expand your visibility and influence as a leader in your industry.

3. Book: The Blue Moon Day; Author: Santhosh Sivaraj; Publisher: Invincible; Price: Rs 220; Pages: 213

Things were never the same for five ordinary individuals who were lost at crossroads and there was no way back. They had no other choice but to take a plunge into their deepest fears and leave the rest to destiny. The individuals were tested away from their comfort zones and it produced abstruse results — a PhD scholar fights to win a pizza-making contest and a tennis prodigy runs for his life on a war-torn, bloodied island.

Extreme circumstances and their consequences made these ordinary individuals extraordinary. Was the test imposed on them by someone? Or did they invite it on themselves? “The Blue Moon Day” questions an individual’s priorities, ridicules worldly routines and finally redefines happiness.

4. Book: Like A Girl; Author: Aparna Jain; Publisher: Westland; Price: Rs 799; Pages: 197

Do you ever get the feeling that girls have it less easy than boys? Have you been told to behave ‘like a girl’? That you should learn to cook and be nice and keep your legs crossed? Well, here are the stories of 56 women who broke the rules to forge new paths for themselves and others.

Adventurous and ambitious, they fought battles and legal cases. They won elections and matches. They climbed mountains and mastered science. Best of all, they never stopped chasing their dreams. The book features chapters on the like sof M.S. Subbalakshmi, Aruna Roy, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Leila Seth, Gauri Lankesh, and among several others, Sunita Narain and Kalpana Chawla. Read about them. Talk about them. Get inspired. (IANS)


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