I like unfamiliar situations: Vishal Dadlani

Vishal Dadlani (Photo: Facebook)

By Nivedita

New Delhi– Singer-composer Vishal Dadlani says that he likes unfamiliar situations and challenges. For him, the only thing that makes him happy is to do things that he has not done before.

Vishal Dadlani (Photo: Facebook)

Soon to be seen on the season 3 of “Great Escape” at Fox Life that will see him embarking on an expedition to the less explored regions of Himachal Pradesh along with Actress-host Sarah Jane Dias, Dadlani says that whatever activities he did for the show, will remain with him forever.

“I like unfamiliar situations. I like challenges and I enjoy doing things that I haven’t done before, so I had a lot fun constantly. My only real problem on the entire trip was waking up at 5 A.M for shoots,” he told IANS in an e-mail.

The show, that will air from Wednesday, is all about a splendid road adventure where these 15 year old friends will be seen pushing each other out of their comfort zone.

“Sarah has been a friend for a really long time, but we never had the opportunity to go out of town together. She is a lot of fun and very different from me in some ways. A lot of the stuff that we did, is not the stuff that we normally do together, at all. All the activities in the journey, were all memories that we will never forget,” he said.

“Then, of course, there are views of Himachal Pradesh. Anyone who has been there or anyone who has driven through it, can never forget it,” he said.

So going by the theme of the show, what all greatest escapes he had experienced so far during his successful journey in Bollywood?

“There are loads for example, a couple of years ago I went to the Glastonbury, the music festival and then I drove all around England. I was there for around 10 days and it was a lot of fun. I’m also learning to para-glide at Temple Pilots, Kamshet. I have what is known as an open-sky pilot’s license at the moment,” he said.

Dadlani’s musical journey started back in 1994, with the electronica/indie-rock band Pentagram in Mumbai. He is one half of the film music producing duo Vishal-Shekhar, the other being Shekhar Ravjiani.

Vishal-Shekar first came into the limelight with the 2003 musical “Jhankaar Beats” followed by “Dus” , “Salaam Namaste”, “Bluffmaster”, “Om Shanti Om”, “Dostana”, “Anjaana Anjaani” and of course, the music for “RA.One” and “The Dirty Picture”.

He says that Bollywood of course is the biggest thing currently but the perception is changing very fast.

“Like I said, there are independent singers/musicians who are doing very well for themselves without any Bollywood exposure whatsoever. Bollywood is of course the biggest thing in the music business, at present, but that is changing very fast. There are many singers who have never done any Bollywood music at all, and yet they’re thriving just on the basis of their YouTube channels,” he said.

And what about other projects?

“Well, I am recording the music for the films that I am doing. I am also shooting a music reality show. Life is large and Life is keeping me busy. Of course, rehearsing and writing the new album with Pentagram is also keeping me busy,” he said. (IANS)


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