Vineeta Kumar: Management Consultant, Civic Activist & Lexington Town Meeting Member

Vineeta Kumar

Vineeta Kumar is a management consultant and business advisor by profession. In a career spanning 24 years in the IT Services and Advisory industry, Ms. Kumar has led key business initiatives, managing multi-million dollar operations globally and working with Fortune 500 clients.

Ms. Kumar was the Global Head of Business Development for the Securities & Capital Markets division of Wipro, where she led key client acquisition initiatives in the Financial Services industry. At Headstrong, she established, scaled and managed the Buyside Capital Markets Unit.

She is currently focused on her entrepreneurial Fintech venture and advising start-ups on their growth strategy. She is a Partner and Head of Strategy at Entromy which is an Analytics/AI start up and on the Advisory Board of ForumCare, a Financial Advisory Communications company.

In addition to her professional ventures, Ms. Kumar has shown her commitment towards community-building through active participation in civic initiatives and volunteering. She stepped up to run for Town Meeting Member in Lexington, MA, and has lent her voice advocating for gun violence prevention at a community event held at Emery Park and through her work in support of public education. At a time when it is imperative to build bridges across neighborhoods and across the nation, Ms. Kumar embodies the attitude, perspective and genuine respect for diversity and inclusion.

As a member of Lexington’s Getting Involved Group which is focused on promoting civic engagement, she is recognized for her efforts towards bridging the gap between people and public service. She is passionate about empowering and enabling women for success and is an Advisor in Boston Business Women, the fastest growing business women’s network in Massachusetts. Vineeta also volunteers in youth related initiatives like SIFMA Foundation’s Invest It Forward™ and is a Community liaison for Lexington Education Foundation.

INDIA New England News: Please tell our readers about your work and what you enjoy most about it.

Vineeta Kumar: After a couple decades in the corporate world, I have ventured into the world of entrepreneurship and advisory work, leveraging my past experience to advise start-ups in their growth and execution strategies. It is gratifying to contribute to their progress as they navigate through the growth process.

As an entrepreneur in the Fintech space, taking an idea through a grueling process and eventually to market is challenging and exciting. I love the fact that we are creating something new, which will solve problems in a unique way. I love the team work and the opportunity to wear multiple hats, the fear of the unknown yet the promise of the possibilities if we execute right!

Vineeta Kumar

INE:  To which charitable, community and professional groups do you belong and why?

VK: One of the groups I am part of is the Getting Involved Group (GIG). GIG was founded with the objective of encouraging and supporting civic engagement amongst Indian Americans in Lexington. With the growing Indian population in our town, representation in elected and non-elected bodies is important to ensure diversity of ideas and dialog. I love what this platform stands for and it’s my privilege to participate in furthering its cause within and hopefully beyond Lexington.

I am on the Advisory Board of Boston Business Women (BBW- ) which is the fastest growing network of women in Massachusetts. BBW provides a platform for personal and professional success by empowering, encouraging and uplifting them to succeed in their quests. This is definitely one of my favorite engagements as I am a strong advocate of gender equality and empowerment of women. Women from this network are poised to shatter glass ceilings they encounter in their respective lives.

As a Community Relations Liaison for Lexington Education Foundation (LEF- ), I support community outreach programs to help expand LEF’s engagement in the community. Education is a topic close to my heart and the opportunity to invest my effort towards this cause is gratifying. LEF’s grants help bridge the gap between LPS’ priorities and budget, thereby contributing towards the excellence of the school district.

I am a Town Meeting Member in the Town of Lexington, which is an elected, volunteer position, and a TMMA Executive Team Member ( Town Meeting is the legislative body of the town, responsible for taking decisions related to by-laws, budget, expenditures and zoning changes. Going from my living room to the Town Hall to discuss and debate issues that matter to the town was important for me. It is incredibly rewarding to be in the action and create impact.

INE: What are your hobbies and interests?


  • Listening to music, humming a tune- It relaxes me, boosts me up
  • Entertaining/Cooking – Can’t get enough of this
  • Writing and Public Speaking- the two interests I lost while writing business plans and proposals and making business presentations! In the process of reviving both.

INE:  In what way do you feel you have positively influenced or served the local community, your company/organization or professional field?

VK: This is a tricky one…I would like to believe that I have at least met if not exceeded expectations I set out to achieve in each engagement and commitment I signed up, however this question would be best answered by people in my community and organizations I am part of, so I reached out to them and here is what I gathered-

Due to the efforts of GIG, in Lexington, we now have10% of Indian Americans who are elected town meeting members while making up only 5% of the population. From the beginning of my campaign I have devoted myself to the success of GIG through organizing meetings and events, encouraging participation and mentoring recruits for success.

At Boston Business Women, over the last one and a half years I have worked with the Founder & CEO to navigate growth strategies, organizational re-structuring and encouraging her to think bigger and outside the box. This community is now close to 17,000 women strong and growing every day!

At LEF, as part of the Community Relations team, I have helped increase LEF’s awareness within and engagement with the Indian American community as well as overall in Lexington.

INE: What are your favorite books?

VK: Difficult to shortlist but these are the ones that are top of my mind.

  • Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell – My go-to book for inspiration and patience
  • Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg – One of the more important contemporary books I recommend every woman to read
  • To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee- So relevant in the current times!

There is a Hindi poem I read early in life which has influenced me tremendously and I want to mention it-   “Atripti” By Mahadevi Verma. The message has stayed with me and inspire me a lot. Curious to know if others have read it or remember it.

INE:  Your favorite quotes?

VK: These quotes play a role in my life consciously and sub-consciously.

“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” By Abraham Lincoln

“All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.” By Walt Disney.

INE: Who inspires you the most?

VK: I’ve always believed that the best inspiration comes from people around us and I learn and draw inspiration from a number of people in my life for different things at different times…my friends, my siblings, my colleagues. I do admire and take inspiration from the journeys of luminaries (like Oprah Winfrey, Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Stephen Hawking) but my biggest inspiration in life are my parents. The values I imbibed from them stand in good stead in my personal, social and professional life.

My parents enabled me (and my siblings) to be professionally successful but taught us stay humble and use our skills and successes for other’s benefit. The motto of my school was “Vidya Dadathi Vinayam” meaning “Knowledge bring humility” and we were reminded of it often, especially at every success. My parent’s life is a lesson in hard work, humility and honesty…I am fortunate to have them as an inspiration.

INE: What core values do you try to live by?

VK: The all-encompassing value statement for me is “Dream big, work hard and be grateful”

The one that inspires me to excel every day and which my son hears a lot from me – “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well”.

It’s important for me to live a meaningful life full of compassion and courage, pursuing my many passions beyond professional success.


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