Mohan Subramaniam Talks About Upcoming Musical Aashiq-e-Sadabahar: Bollywood’s Romantic Screen Couples

Rekha-Amitabh (Photo courtesy: India Today)

LEXINGTON, MA—You had your favorite Bollywood’s romantic couples on silver screen. Why are those pairs also iconic? Local singer Mohan Subramaniam and his team will answer such questions during their upcoming musical Aashiq-e-Sadabahar: Bollywood’s Romantic Screen Couples, on April 28 in Lexington, MA.

Mohan Subramaniam
Sowmya Shri

“We think of couples as iconic because of the special roles they have played and have displayed some unique chemistry when paired together,” Mr. Subramaniam told INDIA New England News. “Most of us would probably unanimously think of Raj Kapoor – Nargis, Dilip Kumar-Vyjayanthi Mala or Rajesh Khanna-Mumtaz among the top few iconic couples.”

Moreover, the unforgettable songs filmed on these couples have further added to their iconic stature, Mr. Subramaniam said.

“But beyond these obvious pairs, there are others — and the show unfolds different aspects of why those pairs are also iconic. Carefully choreographed videos in the background will further enrich the presentation of the theme. And in the process, the audience will experience a beautiful melodic journey, with songs that will kindle many fond memories.”

In an exclusive video interview with INDIA New England News, Mr. Subramaniam talks about romantic couples of Bollywood and how he and his team comes up with theme-based musical programs annually. To watch the full interview, please click here or on the video below.

Raghu Saranathan
Nidhi Tare Lad

In addition to Mr. Subramaniam, other singers performing at Aashiq-e-Sadabahar are Sowmya Shri, Raghu Saranathan, Nidhi Tare Lad, Hemant Patkar and Ashwini Paranjape. The core organizing committee of the program include  Dr. Meera Subramaniam, MD, Dr. Manju Sheth, MD, Harish

Dang, Eshani Shah, Jharna Madan and Preetesh Shrivastava.

The program will be held on April 28th at 5:30 pm at Scottish Rite Masonic Museum located at 33 Marrett Road in Lexington.

“The core of the show is music. Beautiful music because of some exquisite song selection. Beautiful music because of talented singers who have worked hard on delivering every little nuance of the selected songs,” said Mr. Subramaniam. “Like our previous shows this will be an evening to cherish high quality singing presented in an elegant and seamless format. We are overwhelmed by the tremendous response we received from our community, with the show selling out on the very day ticketing opened.”

Hemant Patkar
Ashwini Paranjape

Aashiq-e-Sadabahar follows the tradition of several of previous hits produced by the organizers: such as, Awaaz-e-Jazbaat Shankar Jaikishan ke Saath, A Musical Journey with Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Badshah-e-Romance and Khandan-e-Kapoor to name a few.

Some of the iconic couples you may watch and listen to at Aashiq-e-Sadabahar include Raj Kapoor-Nargis, Dilip Kumar-Vaijayanti Mala, Dev Anand –Waheeda, Rajesh Khanna-Mumtaz, Amitabh-Rekha and Sharukh-Kaajol.

Rekha-Amitabh (Photo courtesy: India Today)


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