Asian Art Gallery Spring 2018 Show: Sharing Sights and Sounds Celebrating 50 Years of Mark Rathinaraj

Mark Rathinaraj

BOSTON, MA – The Asian Art Gallery is celebrating Indian contemporary artist, Mark Rathinaraj’s 50th birthday with a grand solo show in Boston suburbs from 7thApril till April 22nd 2018 featuring more than his 100 art works.

The Spring 2018 show will celebrate Rathinaraj’s works from his time as an emerging artist in India. Art enthusiasts shall walk through a visual treat of pen and ink, watercolours, pyrography, charcoal works and the latest series of wood carvings. A few limited edition prints of his popular works are also part of the show. Rathinaraj promises to indulge your senses.

The founder of Asian Art Gallery, Santhana Krishnan met Mark Rathinaraj over 20 years back and kept his promise to him that he will create a platform to promote emerging artists in the United States.  Asian Art Gallery was founded in 2013 and the last solo show of Mark Rathinaraj in Boston in 2014 was very successful with over 350 visitors and 25 new collectors.

“In my art, I share what is dear to me – my country, my culture, my people and our traditions. In that there will be dance, drama, music, colors, sounds and sights that may be familiar or sometimes, unfamiliar to you” said Mark Rathinaraj.  “If you can see yourself walking with me, discussing the sights and sounds I have experienced, I think I would have accomplished what I set out to do”.

“What is interesting in Mark’s works is that each painting not only depicts a particular moment that is frozen in time, but one can feel the energy that led to what is in the frame” said Ganapathy Subramaniam, Art Commentator.  “The dynamism in the gestural works of Mark create the moment in time fusing the past and the future with the present”.

“I have witnessed Mark travel through various mediums over the last two decades and he continues to amaze us with his innovative artistic abilities” said Santhana Krishnan, founder of Asian Art Gallery. “Even though he has climbed to new heights of fame, he remains the same humble and caring person I first met. I always encourage people to meet artists they like as it adds another dimension and with this show they will get the opportunity”.

Here are the details about the Spring 2018 Show private reception and gallery hours:

Opening Reception: 5 pm on Saturday, April 7th  2018. Register here

Show video: AAG Spring 2018 Video

Gallery Hours | Open to Public: Sun, April 8th noon-5pm; Sat, April 14th noon-5pm; Sun, April 15th, noon-3pm and April 22nd noon-5pm.

Registration: AAG 2018 Spring Show Registration

Contact Gallery:

Private Viewing Times: Please schedule time for times outside of gallery hours.

Mark Rathinaraj is a versatile artist and a keen supporter and nurturer of emerging artists. When he is not painting, he shares his wealth of knowledge and experience with upcoming artists and fine art students. Having spent a childhood in a village in Tamil Nadu, South India he was constantly exposed to his people’s way of life, their culture, their joys, their actions, sounds, dance and rhythm in daily life. These are captured breathtakingly in his own inimitable style in his works. How he has evolved his trademark lines is often discussed in art and critics’ circles. Mark is one artist who has proven that you can own a style and take it places across mediums.

Asian Art Gallery was founded to promote emerging South East Asian artists in the international art market and is the first gallery to present contemporary art of South East Asia in New England. Asian Art Gallery is an initiative of Artumanity, a social enterprise platform that brings together artists, art lovers and charities using art as a means to support the cause of arts, education, children, women’s empowerment and veterans. The organisation has so far promoted 75 exceptional and upcoming artists, catered to an online traffic of 250,000 art lovers generating over $300,000 in donations, providing education and meals for children, empowering women by creating livelihood, healthcare for mothers and new-borns, shelter and vocational training for veterans.


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