A Few Important Tips on Wedding Jewelry


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Twinkle Morbia Gautam

INDIA New England News: What should a bride or groom look for in wedding jewelry?

Twinkle Morbia Gautam: Jewelry Choices reflects one’s ‘Taste of Fashion & Style’. Wedding Jewelry adds a heavenly touch to the overall aura of the bride & groom and an exquisite glamour to their personality.

In India, gold jewelry has long been used to celebrate marriage and childbirth or presented as gifts during religious festivals. Until a decade ago, in Indian tradition, selecting the jewelry for one’s wedding was considered to be a huge affair, as the only metal considered for Bride & Groom was Gold and the embellishments used were Real Diamonds & Semi-precious Stones. It being a pricy commodity with appreciating value, it was also considered a lifetime investment. Ornate bridal pieces are still very popular in the northern India, while pieces in 22-karat yellow gold are vastly favored in the south.

Well, change is in the air.  Due to shifting of societal norms and the expansion of women’s roles in being the decision maker as well as the rising price of gold and diamonds, wearing  ‘Costume Jewelry’, matching or contrasting the outfit, is what the new affordable trend right now. With this, the importance of choosing classy, elegant & exquisite jewelry has taken the priority.

Wedding being ‘THE BIG DAY’, wedding jewelry should comprise of innovative ideas to pair up with outfit and ace D-day look. What actually makes or breaks the look of a bride or groom from turning iconic, is the combination of jewelry one decides to accessorize the outfit with. Jewelry should grab everyone’s attention with the visual appeal of its intricate designs.

INE: What are some important pointers to keep in mind?

TMG: Don’t overdo it – A very divine rule to follow while narrowing down your selection for the jewelry for your wedding day – don’t go overboard and do not let the jewelry outshine you personality. Bridal jewelry not only enhances your dress, but also your personality and beauty well.

Match your metals & metal tones to your outfit – Be it gold, silver, diamonds, kundan or semiprecious colorful stones, it should complement your outfit and enhance your look.

Consider your outfit’s neckline – Your outfit’s décolletage will frame your face. Jewelry should       be paired perfect to compliment it.

Don’t get overwhelmed – If you are too confused with the changing trendy stuff, settle for classic.  It’s the safest bet.

Be Yourself – Jewelry should be comfortable & suit one’s personality. Personality of any individual also reflects from jewelry by way of Confidence, Courage and Creativity of course, it adds beauty & adorable looks. One wants to remain true to your own personality.

 INE: What aspects should a bride or groom consider before they start looking for the perfect jewelry and accessories?

TMG: ‘Jewelry’ has always been of such a great significance as it not only enhances the beauty of the bride’s attire, but also takes her beauty to another level. Be it in any culture, weddings always tend to focus on the bride way more than on the groom.

Time has changed now. A millennial bride-groom, who loves to keep up-to-date with the changing trends, are making leaps & crossing boundaries. Indian grooms are warming up to the idea of decking up for their wedding and if not stealing the show, but are at par with the bride. More and more Indian groom is becoming the metro sexual or alpha male who does not shy away from wearing jewelry.

Of course, Indian groom wearing jewelry at his wedding is not a new concept but a very traditional concept from olden era of Maharajas. But, with time, many men gave up the traditions and went for a western minimalistic style.

A wedding outfit may be the star of the show, but the right jewelry and the right amount of jewelry can elevate the bride and groom’s look and personality. Be it real or costume jewelry, setting the right budget for the jewelry is very important.

There is a plethora of metals in which Ornate bridal jewelry pieces are available nowadays which has given an easy way for people of all the classes to be able to afford. Matching of the right metals with the right craftsmanship is equally important. While a classy and elegant piece of jewelry can enhance your entire look, a trashy jewelry at the same time can prove otherwise.

INE: What are this season’s trends in jewelry?

TMG: Jewelry & fashion trend adapts to changes very frequently and the changes happen in a cycle. So what becomes outdated trend today comes back after certain years may be with little variation.

The most popular metals used for making bridal jewelry include platinum, gold and silver. With new trend in,jewelry made of colorful metals and multicolor stones have gained great popularity. Though, this trend was considered very royal and was hugely favored by Rajputs & Mughals.

People’s love for colorful designs with sparking effect, techniques like kundan, lac and jadau are in vogue and widely used for making ornate bridal jewelry. Jewelry created from unusual materials and in contemporary designs or many -times inspired by traditional ethnic jewelry is also gaining increasingly popularity.

INE: Some cues to keep up with the trend this season?

TMG: There are a few:

#1. Pop-up the contrast!

If one doesn’t wish to be those shy-coy bride or groom, contrasting jewelry with the wedding outfit will up the style game. More the startling contrast, more will it complement the outfit and will add a touch of the attitude and personality to one’s wedding day look. Example: A simple green necklace on a simple yellow outfit will add a sparkle to the entire look or a sparkling dark blue Royal neck-piece with a soft baby pink Indian outfit will make a bold royal statement.

#2. Modern / vintage !

A bold bride would not leave any stone unturned to bring out their A- game. Pairing up the traditional outfit with a modern jewelry piece or a contemporary bridal outfit with a vintage necklace would be an absolute head turner – an unmatchable style with a gutsy and unconventional fusion definitely will prove to be different.

#3. Pack a punch with multi-colored stones/hues!

Multi-color stone jewelry is the flavor of this season. The heavily diverse beads/stones/hues will give an outfit a royal finish and a divine look.

Example:  A minimal work outfit, adorned with multi-colored, contrasting hues or stones is an absolute stunner and aces the trend game.

#4. Diamonds always in Style!

Jewellery’s Romance platform has a sparkling star. Believing that a diamond is the ultimate gesture of love and blazing symbol of passion, it has perfected the most amazing necklaces, rings and earrings. Its unprecedented accuracy to release a dazzling brilliance is fabulous for bridal Jewelry.

INE: What would you consider the most essential part of any wedding look?

TMG: An elaborate affair, amid numerous pre and post wedding functions and timeless rituals mark the celebration Indian wedding. On their wedding day, the bride & groom should bask in the limelight.

Style and trend has become a very important part of the wedding. Narrowing down the choice of outfits and jewelry with the consideration of the traditional aspect of the culture and ceremony is of utmost importance.

A perfect sync and co-ordination of style with the right choice of the color of the outfits of both bride & groom that complements each other is today’s vogue. Adorning with the perfect choice of bespoke and exotic jewelry pieces that enhances the outfits adds the majestic look. Handcrafted to perfection, these gorgeous sparklers are the treasures of happy to be wedded couple, specially the brides.

Its significantly salient that the color and silhouette of the outfit, and the right amount of jewelry should only enrich both bride & groom’s personality and at the same time should be very comfortable to be at ease on their wedding day.

Today’s fashion, style and trend enables the availability of choices in iconic ranges in the market. As daunting as the task of selecting the perfect wedding jewelry and outfit might be, narrowing down a simple guideline will make the whole experience much more pleasant and enjoyable.


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