RU SAPA Wins First Prize at South Asian Showdown Competition in Boston

South Asian Show Down First Prize winner

BOSTON– RU SAPA won the first prize at the South Asian Showdown competition that was held late last month in Boston. The second prize went to Uconn Surya and the third to Boston Bollywood Xtreme.

“The venue was sold out, and everybody seemed to enjoy it,” said Rohit Bhambi, organizer of the competition. “People enjoyed the 3.5 hours of pure entertainment that all the national teams brought to the stage. Bollywood and Fusion teams from across the nation poured their hearts out on stage with their unique story lines and blew away the Boston audience.”

South Asian Showdown Second Place winner

Participating teams presented Fusion dance, a conglomeration of all South Asian dance and any other dance form that the team chooses to use.

South Asian Showdown Third Prize winner

South Asian Showdown had teams from California, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Boston. Next year’s show is already slated for February 23rd, 2019.

South Asian Showdown is hosted by non-profit organizations called South Asian Nation and Boston Bhangra that promote cultural awareness nationally.

South Asian Show Down First Prize winner



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