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Dr. Katwa Will Address Snoring in Children and the Dietary Connection at the Health Expo

Dr. Umakanth Katwa

BURLINGTON, MA—Health, Fitness & Wellness Expo announced that sleep expert Dr. Umakanth Katwa, MD, will talk about “Snoring in Children and the Dietary Connection” at 6th Annual Health, Fitness & Wellness Expo on March 4 at Burlington Marriott Hotel in Burlington, MA.

Dr. Katwa is Director of Sleep Laboratory and Attending Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital.

“In this talk Dr. Katwa will discuss about the increasing prevalence of snoring in children and its overall implication on the health and development of the child,” said Upendra Mishra, producer of the Health Expo. “Dr. katwa will also discuss the overall prevalence of snoring in children, common symptoms of sleep apnea in children, how to diagnose and treat sleep apnea.”

The Expo will be held on Sunday, March 4, 2018 from 10: 00 AM to 4:00 PM at the Marriott Hotel in Burlington, MA. The Expo is free to all attendees, but you must pre-register. For more information and to register for FREE, please visit Health Expo website at http://healthfitnesswellnessexpo.com/

Dr. Umakanth Katwa

The expo is produced by The Mishra Group in collaboration with INDIA New England News, INE MultiMedia, and IndUS Business Journal.

Dr. Katwa will also review the implication of Western diet on overall development of airways and development of sleep apnea.

“It was initially considered that sleep apnea mostly happens in older obese adults. But research has shown that the risk for developing OSA start even during pregnancy and various factors contribute to development of OSA in later childhood,” said Dr. Katwa.

Dr. Katwa is faculty at Harvard Medical School and attending physician at the Boston Children’s Hospital. He studied at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi and completed his pediatric pulmonary and sleep medicine at Harvard University.

He is American Board of Pediatrics certified in pediatric pulmonary and sleep medicine. He has served as the director for pediatric aerodigestive center for 7 years and as the assistant director for pediatric sleep medicine fellowship. He is currently the currently the director of sleep Laboratory and co-director for the primary ciliary dyskinesia Program at Boston Children’s Hospital. He is also the co-director for the Sleep Apnea and Sleep Surgery Program, a multidisciplinary service for the treatment of children’s with resistant obstructive sleep apnea.

Dr. Katwa’s area of clinical expertise include snoring and sleep related breathing disorders in children. He teaches medical students from Harvard Medical School and also directs The Richard Ferber Pediatric Sleep Medicine Course. He speaks at various national and international conferences. He is the member of American Academy of Sleep Medicine and American Thoracic Society.

His research interest include sleep disordered breathing in children with complex medical conditions, sleep endoscopy, and disorders of respiratory control in children. He has widely published in national and international journals. He also works on the portable and other newer technology for assessment of sleep in children. He also completed the Harvard leadership course for physicians and scientists the Partnership Inc leadership program for physician executives.


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