Indian football will take 20-30 years to be on world map, says striker Hume

Iain Hume

Mumbai– Praising the Indian team for their recent performances, Kerala Blasters striker Iain Hume said on Friday that they have done really well, but will still need 20-30 years to make their mark in international football like other teams.

The former Canada international said that when he compares India with his own country in footballing terms, India still have a lot to do.

Iain Hume

“India did really well in the FIFA rankings. Its good to see them in the top 100. But still there are lot of things left to make their mark at the international platform,” Hume told the media here.

“There are some quality players in India but it will take another 20-30 years to make their mark,” he added.

Hume also said that the Indian Super League (ISL) has done a lot to increase the popularity and the standard of the game in India.

“The players whom I played in the first season have improved drastically. The stadiums have now improved, the audiences have changed and it shows that ISL has achieved its targets,” he said.

The ISL will have a different format in the upcoming 2017-18 season and will also feature two new teams.

Hume, who has been synonymous with the ISL, said previously it was a tournament and now it is a league.

Hume also said that he doesn’t see a longer league being a hindrance in attracting top names to it.

“More teams and a longer league mean that the league will become more and more established,” Hume said. (IANS)


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