Bostonian Monica Gill’s Bollywood Debut “Firangi” Releases on Dec. 1

Monica Gill (Photo: Facebook)

NEW DELHI– Bostonian Monica Gill’s first Bollywood movie “Firnagi”, in which she co-stars with Kapil Sharma, will be released on Friday, Dec. 1.

Gill, who has starred in Punjabi films like “Ambarsariya” and “Kaptaan”, will make her Bollywood debut with “Firangi”. She was raised and grew up in Boston. She first won Miss India New England title, and then went on to win the Miss India USA and Miss India Worldwide titles before going to Mumbai to start her career in Indian movies.

Gill considers her “Firangi” co-star Kapil Sharma a “family person” as he would often chat with families of the film’s team.

Monica Gill (Photo: Facebook)

Asked about shooting with the actor, also a comedian, Gill told IANS: “It was amazing! He’s an all-out family person. His family, my family, Rajievji’s (director Rajiev Dhingra) family and Ishita’s (actress Ishita Dutta) family were often on set. Kapil would love to sit with everyone and chat.” “And as a producer, he spoiled his team.”

Gill will be seen as a princess in the film.

Asked about the challenges, she said: “British and American body language are quite different. So learning that was a challenge. Additionally, I had to adapt to royal etiquette. But our director was a tremendous help in that. He really put in a lot of effort to make sure my performance came through naturally.”

“‘Firangi’ releases on December 1. I hope audiences go out to watch the film and thoroughly enjoy it,” she added.

How easy or tough was it for her to be a part of Americans?

“One of the greatest heartbreaks of the diaspora is that you belong neither here nor there. You are differentiated in both places. However, you learn to adapt and absorb the best of both cultures. Thanks to this, I have an Indian heart with an American mindset,” she said.

What about racism?

“Racism exists regardless of skin colour… of course, people are biased. You have to learn to come above it,” she said.

Has she signed more Hindi films?

“I think we will have an announcement by end of December,” she said.


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