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After a Few Newly-Elected Directors and Secretary Resign, IAGB Fills All Posts, Appoints New Treasurer

Aditi Taylor
Aditi Taylor

WALTHAM, MA—After a  few newly-elected directors resigned, including its re-elected secretary, the India Association of Greater Boston, known as IAGB, has filled all the open positions, including the vacant seat of treasurer and has kicked off its new agenda led by its new executive committee and president, Aditi Taylor.

“About 3 weeks after the election, the IAGB EC 2017-2019 now has a complete slate of Officers and Directors,” Taylor told INDIA New England News.

Two newly-elected directors—Praveen Misra and Pradeep Shukla—resigned soon after the election. Re-elected IAGB Secretary Avinash Patil also resigned and has been replaced by Vaishali Gade. There was no candidate for treasurer during the election. IAGB executive committee has appointed Sanjay Sahasrabudhe as treasurer of the organization.

Pradeep Shukla (Photo: INE)

Here is the list of new appointees:

  • Sanjay Sahasrabudhe, Treasurer
  • Vaishali Gade, Secretary
  • Mandy Deb Pant, Director
  • Nagendra Rao, Director
  • Ashok Jakati, Director
  • Ketan Benegal, Director.

“Certain roles such as the Treasurer and one Director position were vacant as of the day of the election. Few additional Director positions were opened up due to movement of certain individuals after the election,” Taylor said. “Of the previously elected, the Secretary and 2 Directors stepped down due to personal commitments. They have indicated that they wholeheartedly support IAGB and the elected team, however, will not be able to serve and fulfill the obligations of the Director role due to other conflicting commitments on their available time.”

Praveen Misra (Photo: Linkedin)

Taylor said that the IAGB Executive Committee, in its power, moved forward to vote in candidates to fill these positions.

“All candidates considered are members of IAGB. They had also submitted their nomination following due process prior to September 15, 2017 thereby indicating a desire to serve on the EC. Candidates were then evaluated based on their expertise for a particular role/initiative and/or their prior volunteering association with IAGB.”

Taylor said IAGB Executive Committee is now organized to fulfill its responsibility and aggressively pursue its initiatives across various fronts.

“The EC will focus on the following 5 initiatives, namely Civic Leadership, Community Services, Youth/Next Gen Engagement, Senior Interactions and Culture,” said Taylor. “EC Team Leads have been assigned for each initiative and we look forward to active volunteer support from our members and community.”

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