Moral policing is very common in our country: Saumya Tandon

Saumya Tandon

Mumbai– Actress Saumya Tandon feels moral policing is very common in India, and says everybody is ready to “pass a judgment on what is right and what is wrong”.

“Moral policing is very common in our country. Everybody is ready to pass a judgment on what is right and what is wrong,” Saumya said in a statement.

“This is terrible because in a diverse society like India where there is a lot of difference in the economic, social and educational background because of religious divide and urban rural disparity, what is right for someone could be wrong for others,” she added.

Saumya Tandon (Photo: Twitter)

Saumya, who plays the character of Anita bhabhi in &TV’s “Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai”, said: “A society should learn to coexist and respect each other’s beliefs and lifestyle. That’s what makes diversity beautiful. So, we should respect people’s choices and not control them.”

Actor Ankit Gera, who is seen in “Agnifera”, also feels there “should be a limit on the type of control”.

“(Moral) policing shouldn’t hurt anyone’s sentiments or feelings. Everybody has a right to make their own choices and no one should punish them. People are mature and wise enough to choose what is right for them, policing them wouldn’t help. It will rather hinder the growth of the country,” he added.

To this, actress Ratan Rajput added: “Moral policing is absolutely wrong. The so called mature people of society need to understand that changes don’t come with punishments. The people in power should give guidance and not control people lives. People should be allowed to make their decisions freely.”

Th channel has also come with a show which deals with another sensitive issue around forced marriages in India. “Half Marriage” features Priyanka Purohit and Tarun Mahilani essaying the lead roles along with actors like Resham Tipnis, Satyajit Sharma and Muni Jha. (IANS)


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