Indian-American Song Writer Raja Kumari loved shooting in Mumbai’s lanes for ‘City slums’

Raja Kumari

New Delhi– Grammy-nominated Indian-American songwriter Raja Kumari, also a rapper, says it was a lot of fun to shoot in Mumbai’s narrow lanes for her latest song titled “City slums”.

The song, co-composed and written by her and Indian rapper Divine, was unveiled on Wednesday.

As the title of the song suggests, it is based on the city’s slums and its people. But, she says, the track doesn’t show the locals in a bad light.

“If you watch the video, I don’t think there is anything negative. We had the ‘Gully gang boy’ (Divine) with us. It was the natural thing to do. I loved it. It was done aesthetically. It was a lot of fun. So colourful… just being out there with all the kids and people … contributed to the energy,” Kumari told IANS over phone from Mumbai.

Raja Kumari

Asked about her collaboration with the Indian rapper, the California-based artiste said: “I have the voice of streets with me. After watching ‘Ye mera Bombay’ (by Divine), I felt that real hip-hop is happening in Mumbai.

“We kept in touch online. Soon, we worked on the new song in America and Mumbai. So, it (‘City slums’) is truly an international collaboration,” she added. (IANS)


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