With consumers spending $9.1 billion on Halloween this year, here are the top trends


With Halloween just around the corner, many retailers are getting ready for an ever-increasing amount of consumers shopping for candy, costumes and ghoulish decorations. National Retail Federation estimated that consumers will spend a record-breaking total of $9.1 billion on Halloween this year.

The 2017 Halloween survey found that the average consumer will spend over $75 total on Halloween candy, costumes and other essentials.

Below are a few additional survey results on top consumer trends as provided by the National Retail Federation:

1. How early do you start decorating for Halloween?

Our survey shows that, of those decorating, a majority of consumers (25%) start in the middle of October. Meanwhile, 24% get started early, hanging up ghouls and goblins at the end of September. 31% decorate in the beginning of October, 20% wait until right before the holiday to get into the spirit and the last 3% wait to make their home spooky until the day-of!

2. How much do you plan to spend on candy this Halloween?

We have discovered that the average consumer will spend about $25.57 on candy this Halloween. 39% of consumers will be spending $20 or less this month on candy, probably heading to the discount stores they know and love for a great deal. 33% will be spending anywhere from $21-$40, and a smaller 10% admitting they spend $41-$60. However, some consumers refuse to hold back when it comes to candy this Halloween, with 8% stating they will spend $61 or more.

 3. What is your favorite Halloween candy?

Year after year, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups remain the favorite at 32%. Kit Kat and Twix take number 2 and 3, at 19% and 18%, respectively. 17% prefer to be given M&M’s after they knock on your door and other favorites are Nerds (7%) and Lollipops (7%).

4. How will you get your Halloween costume?

We broke down this data to compare the trends in costume shopping habits in Women vs. Men. Overall, the majority of consumers will be making their costume this year. However, Women are 9% more likely than Men to make their own costumes. While Men are 3% more likely than Women to re-wear a costume they already own.


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