Shyla Abbimutt to Present 2017 Fall Collection Bridal and Party Wear at Diwali Mela on Sunday

Shyla Abbimutt

WOBURN, MA– Shyla Abbimutt is a computer science engineer, but her passion lies in fashion. On Sunday, she will present her 2017 Fall Collection Bridal and Party Wear at the INDIA New England Diwali Mela at the Hilton Hotel in Woburn, MA.

Produced by INDIA New England News, one of the top Indian-American newspapers in the United States, the event provides a single venue where attendees can do their Diwali shopping and meet the area’s premier wedding vendors and event planners.

The Mela will be topped by Abbimutt’s 2017 Fall Collection Bridal and Party Wear fashion show. An IT Project Manager who has always been attracted towards fashion and costume design, she ventured out lately to fashion design and started “ShyWalk”, which specializes in Indian bridal and party designer wear. Her collections are wearable for all who want to live in the latest trendy styles.

Shyla Abbimutt

Abbimutt started modeling when she was 18 years old, but could not pursue it when her studies took priority. At VOGE Fashion Runway, she works part time as both a model and coordinator. Her debut show was in April 2017 with VOGE Runway.

“Fashion has its own followers and the clothing styles are contagious. Once a style becomes popular and appealing, there is no stopping it,” says Abbimutt.

How did Abbimutt get interested in fashion?  She says she has always been known by her style, modelling, fashion, latest trendy clothes. All her family and friends who watched her style in dressing by pairing perfectly chosen mix of trendy and classic clothes on fashion’s cutting-edge, started asking her for suggestions on what their best dress color and style would suit them for various occasions. Considering this experience and her cravings for the latest in fashion, she envisioned her own designer wear collection: ShyWalk.

At her fashion show on Sunday at Hilton Woburn, Abbimutt will present approximately 15 models.

What are some of the latest trends in fashion Abbimutt has noticed lately?

“The latest trend in fashion that I have seen and gotten carried away by, is Fusion,” she told INDIA New England News. “Fusion lines are a great way to show off your love for Indian fabrics by incorporating them in a chic and smart dress. Or you could pair a rustic kurta with cigarette pants to create a look that is striking, to say the least.”

This trend is full of mixing the east with west, and has also been one of the factors that have made this trend a rage among the fashion conscious, she says.

In case you want to create a fusion look of your own, here are some examples of latest trends in fashion that Abbimutt suggests:

  • Teamed a pink long kurta with a pair of jeans and tan suede boots
  • Mixed long kurtas with palazzo pants, smart tops with traditional dupattas and kurtis with fitted trousers for a truly chic and polished look.
  • Latest Indian bridal/party gowns, essentially a gown with Indian elements in it – be it in the silhouette or the design.

She said Bollywood has affected every Indian, but especially when it comes to fashion.

“The industry over time has reproduced outfits in bulk with film character names such as Anarkali, Jodha Akbar and Masakali. Recently however, there has been a less obvious influence of Bollywood cinema on fashion,” said Abbimutt. “The fashion in Bollywood has changed because of realistic filmmaking. Increasingly, the audience can relate to the narratives and characters so the costumes and clothes have to adapt to this change. Personally, I would summarize as the costumes are getting stronger than the character, the viewer will remember the clothes and get carried away than getting involved in the story.”

Abbimutt says she has also noticed some major difference in fashion trends between Indians in India and Non-Resident-Indians, or NRIs, overseas?

“The main reason for this is a lack of trendy Indian designs available in US. Like technology, fashion is changing every day and it’s hard to keep up on Indian fashion trends in US, as Indian fashion in Western countries is mainly limited to the Indian population,” said Abbimutt. “There are quite a few Indian designers and many Indian models that support Indian clothing, but their popularity is largely within their own kinds – the Indians.”

In order to make a lasting impression and penetrate the Western mainstream, the Indian fashion has to be:

  1. Simple
    2. Easy and comfortable to wear
    3. Appealing to the eyes for colors and styles
    4. Artistic embroidery, but remember that ‘less is more’
    5. Reasonably priced for Western middle class.
    6. And, fun to wear!

“I am focusing on these factors for creating an appetite among Western women. The biggest demand in fashion clothing is in the female shoppers,” Abbimutt said. “That is the niche market for Indian fashions as well. Designers have to think smart when designing an Indian fusion for western culture. Once the fusion begins, only the sky is the limit.”


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