Shiva Ayyadurai Shares the Truth About Boston Free Speech Rally, and Challenges Sen. Elizabeth Warren for a “Real Indian” Versus “Fake Indian” Debate

Shiva Ayyadurai
Shiva Ayyadurai

BOSTON–Shiva Ayyadurai has made many headlines in recent months: first for declaring himself as the first Republican Party candidate to challenge Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and most recently for being a keynote speaker at the controversial Free Speech Rally in Boston on Saturday, Aug. 19.

Ayyadurai says that a few days prior to Free Speech Rally, city officials and mainstream media wrongfully branded him and others who attended this event as “Nazis” and “White Supremacists.” A group of South Asian and Asian Indians also condemned his participation in the Free Speech Rally.

In an exclusive video interview with INDIA New England News, Ayyadurai talks about why he spoke at the rally, why he is running for the US Senate, his appeal to Asian Indians, his personal values and his “lifelong habit of speaking courageously, truthfully and freely.” In this interview, Ayyadurai also discusses his success as an inventor, scientist and entrepreneur, and why his campaign, Shiva4Senate.Com, is uniquely poised to defeat Sen. Warren.

To view the full unedited interview, please click here or on the link below.

In a statement to INDIA New England News, Ayyadurai  said that if anything, his speech, entitled “Why Are We Here: Be the Light” at the Boston Free Speech Rally, inspired peace, love and understanding, while encouraging citizens to  critically question what they hear from media and academic experts. The statement said that his speech ended with a call for: “Love, Love, Love: Be the Light.”

“The fact is that the Boston Free Speech Rally had nothing to do with racism or white supremacy,” the statement said.

Ayyadurai  also provided a video of his speech at the Free Speech Rally where Ayyadurai’s campaign is seen holding up signs for “Black Lives DO Matter,” and “No to GMOs, Stop Monsanto”.

“Dr. Ayyadurai’s commitment to true free speech, however, is not new by any means.  In 2016, he led the fight against Gawker Media for truth in free speech.  Gawker had a despicable history of disseminating Fake News, and had libeled many people by writing defamatory articles,” the statement said.  “The First Amendment does not allow one to get away with libel or slander or false statements.  Dr. Ayyadurai’s lawsuit alongside Hulk Hogan’s resulted in a major victory with Gawker paying him a $750,000 settlement and being forced to remove three defamatory and libelous articles. Those articles falsely denied the truth and facts of Dr. Ayyadurai being the inventor of email.”

Ayyadurai holds a PhD  from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in systems biology.  His latest invention is CytoSolve, a technology that emerged from his MIT PhD. CytoSolve is now being used to eliminate the need for animal testing in developing drugs and nutritional supplements, faster and cheaper.  A few years ago, CytoSolve received FDA allowance for a multi-combination drug for pancreatic cancer, discovered all “In Silico,” on the computer.

In 1978, as a 14-year-old boy, Ayyadurai invented email – the system we know today, when he was the first to create the electronic version of the paper-based interoffice mail system, which he named “email,” a term never used before in the English language, and for which he received the first U.S. Copyright for “Email,” at a time when Copyright was the only way to protect software inventions. In addition, for this invention he was awarded a Westinghouse Science Award in 1981, was named “The Man Who Invented Email,” by TIME Magazine in 2011, and was honored  by the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in 2012.

“His history as a fighter for truth dates back to his MIT days as a student activist, starting in 1981, where he fought against racism and sexism, as well as rallied for policies to support food service workers,” the statement said.  “During his PhD graduation, in front of 10,000 students, family, faculty and staff, he raised a banner “Out of Iraq,” to protest the war in Iraq, where soldiers, in his opinion, were being sent to fight a war for no reason.”

His determination over 30 years, in various struggles, for true free speech, and now his participation as a U.S. Senate Candidate against Sen . Warren, he believes, will serve as an inspiration for more Indian-Americans to participate in politics and governance.

“His credentials as inventor, scientist and entrepreneur make him a formidable candidate.  He holds four degrees from MIT and has started seven companies in Massachusetts, which resulted in numerous jobs,” the statement said.

For more information on Ayyadurai , visit: Shiva4Senate.Com.



  1. Enjoyed the interview
    Unlike what few organizations who claim to represent Indian Americans — I question they represent many –
    He does not seem to be racist or anti any
    He wants to serve the state and country and why not
    Keep the eyes and ear open and see who will serve better
    Indian Americans as any other new ethnic group should ask
    What have they done for
    Domestic issues affecting Indian or Asian Americans
    Invisible quotas in admissions to institute of higher learning
    Breaking glass ceiling for highly educated and other wise
    Hidden or open prejudice , hate crime etc
    Work jobs promotions –
    Last 16 years or more — score card
    Any empowerment for boards and commissions
    Based on merits etc
    There are many issues which we have been talking for
    more than 25 years
    Indo us relations is just one of that

    Elizabeth Warren since she is senator — worth asking her score card and sane to Shiv
    Now and future

    Indian American can vote any one of their choice but do not hate Shiv just because he gave speech or he is republican

    Would be interesting dialogues

    Thanks Upendra for interviewing Shiv
    By the way I do not know him or met him so my comments are based on your interview and write up


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