Indira showed the world what women leaders were capable of: Bhutan’s Queen Mother

Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India, visiting Austria. Hotel Imperial in Vienna. 1983. Photograph by Nora Schuster. (Photo by Nora Schuster/Imagno/Getty Images) Die Premierministerin Indiens Indira Gandhi zu Besuch in Wien. Hotel Imperial. 1983. Photographie von Nora Schuster.

Thimphu–Bhutan’s Queen Mother, Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck, showered praise on late Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi at a book launch here on Saturday, referring to her as a woman of great courage who had a charismatic character. Wangchuck said she was personally inspired by Gandhi.

Her Majesty the Royal Queen Mother Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck and Dr. Shashi Tharoor launching ‘India’s Indira’ on Day Two of Mountain Echoes Literary Festival.

Titled “India’s Indira”, the book is a collection of essays and reflections on Gandhi by eminent personalities from several quarters of the world. It has been compiled by Indian National Congress and has a foreword by Congess president Sonia Gandhi.

Congress MP and acclaimed writer, Shashi Tharoor shared the dais with the Queen Mother and the life of Indira Gandhi was briefly explored in a conversation between the two.

“It is 100 years since Indira Gandhi was was born. She was a lady of great courage, character and determination. She was determined to take India to great heights.

“Ever since Mrs Gandhi came to Bhutan with her father, Nehruji, riding on a yak, the bonds of lasting ties between our two nations were established,” Wangchuck said.

The Queen Mother further stressed that she was greatly admired and respected in the circle of international leaders.

“Indira showed the world very early what women were capable of. She was a towering lady with a great personality. She personally showed me what a lady could achieve. I think like me all Bhutanese ladies need to learn from the example of Indira,” she added.

The book was launched at the ongoing Mountain Echoes Literary Festival here, which concludes on Sunday.


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