Indian Embassy Organizes a Talk on “Cure is Possible: The Science of ShivYog” by Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand

Avdhoot Shivanand

WASHINGTON, DC–The Embassy of India organized a special event on August 4 with the theme “Cure is Possible: The Science of ShivYog”, a talk by Avdhoot Shivanand, an eminent Spiritual Guru, Healing Master and Public Speaker.

Avdhoot Shivanand is considered as a Master of Ancient Vedic Practices, sharing the wisdom of ancient Siddhas that was transmitted from the Guru to worthy disciples, and is believed to have been initiated and started his spiritual practices at a tender age of 8.

Avdhoot Shivanand

Popularly called ShivYog Babaji, Dr Avdhoot Shivanand is a pioneer and researcher on the concept of Shivyog Cosmic Medicine and Shivyog Cosmic Farming. Shivyog Cosmic Medicine is hailed as a complementary and integrative holistic health care technique, with a philosophy that every disease has a psychosomatic origin and ‘cure is possible’ from any disease by releasing it from the Causal Body before it tickles down to the physical body.

Dr. Shivavand has also introduced Shivyog Cosmic Farming, a holistic farming methodology without use of any fertilizer and pesticide. The farmers adopting this method of farming are claimed to have achieved increased and improved crop quality and improvement in the fertility of soil.

During the Talk, Dr. Shivanand elaborated the philosophical and scientific basis of his concepts of Cosmic Medicines and Cosmic Farming.

Dr. Shivanand has visited large part of the globe spreading his message of yoga, spirituality and concepts of holistic healing. During his recent visit to United States, he has delivered lectures at several colleges and universities, met legislatures and leaders in various states and conducted programs to explain his concepts to students, teachers and medical professionals.


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