Punbjab Chief Minister wants Canada to rein in radical Sikh elements

Amarinder Singh

New Delhi–Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Friday stressed the need for Canada to rein in the radical elements trying to use its soil to spread strife and divisiveness in India.

He raised the issue with Jalandhar-born Canadian MP Rameshwar Singh Sangha, who called on him here.

Amarinder Singh

“While such elements, including Khalistani supporters, could not have any impact on the Canadian political environment, they could influence the people of India and vitiate the atmosphere here.

“Unfortunately, these elements were successful in spreading their divisive messages in India through the use of the social media,” he said.

Amarinder Singh also said the Canadian government should crack down on these forces and ensure that they do not have a free run on social media and other public platforms. (IANS)


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