Books This Weekend: A brain surgeon’s memoir, the right attitude for winning, celebrating humanity


New Delhi– This week, embark on a journey of a brain surgeon’s provocative and deeply personal memoir that takes readers through his forty years of experience spent in handling the human brain; learn the secrets of winning by getting the right attitude and passion to excel; and finally, a book that cherishes the spirit of humanity and highlights the lives of those characters who selflessly dedicated their life for serving society.

The IANS Bookshelf has much to offer; read on!

1. Book: Admissions: A Life in Brain Surgery; Author: Henry Marsh; Publisher: Hachette India; Pages: 271; Price: Rs 599

Brain surgeon Henry Marsh has been through exhilarating highs and lows in his life on the surgical frontline but his love for the practice of neurosurgery has never wavered.

Unearthing memories of his early days as a medical student and the experiences that shaped him as a young surgeon, he explores the difficulties of a profession that deals in probabilities rather than certainties.

The book moves between encounters with patients in his London hospital to those he treats in the more extreme circumstances of his work abroad. Marsh faces up to the burden of responsibilities that can come with trying to reduce human suffering.

2. Book: The Winning Way 2.0 – Learnings from Sport for Managers; Author: Anita Bhogle and Harsha Bhogle; Publisher: Westland; Pages: 278; Prices: Rs 299

As has been proven many times over, ability is not a major distinguishing factor in success, especially as the level of competition increases. But if one combines ability with right attitude and passion to excel then one can become the best and the book explores that formula for winning.

Six years after their first book became largely successful, sports commentator and writer Harsha Bhogle and his wife, advertising and communication consultant Anita Bhogle, are back with a new, revised edition.

The book continues to fuse learning from sports with managerial thinking and adds new perspectives and fresh examples to keep it relevant to the times. They have enhanced the book, which continues at its core to be about the subject they are best-equipped to write on — winning!

3. Book: Anyone Can Change Everything; Author: Julian Cribb; Publisher: Rolex SA; Pages: 218; Price: Not Mentioned

Throughout history, human destiny has been shaped by individuals with inspired ideas and singular determination. The story of Rolex is no different. It was the spirit of enterprise that Rolex chose to honour, promote and encourage on the 40th anniversary of the Rolex Oyster watch.

The book celebrates the indomitable spirit of humanity — the strength to press ahead, through adversity, challenges, discouragement and frustration.

Since the programme’s inception, 33,000 people have applied from 190 countries and 140 men and women have been chosen for their projects to advance human knowledge and well-being.

The stories recounted here bear witness to the impact that one resolute, impassioned person can have upon the world.


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