Renowned humanitarian and spiritual leader Amma to visit New Hampshire July 1-2


MANCHESTER, NH– Amma, meaning Mother, has given a motherly embrace, known as her darshan, to more than 36 million people throughout the world, and she will be in Manchester, NH on July 1-2, returning for the 30th year. She has been known to give darshan for more than 22 hours without interruption, organizers of the event said in a statement.

Amma has provided millions of dollars in humanitarian aid and disaster relief for every major global disaster over the past 10 years including the South Asian Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, the Haiti earthquake, the Japanese Tsunami, the Philippines typhoon, the floods in Chennai, Uttarakhand, Mumbai and Karnataka and earthquakes in Gujarat and Nepal, the statement said.

In his speech at Amma’s 60th birthday celebrations, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, then Chief Minister of Gujarat, stated, ”I have been closely watching the activities of Amritanandamayi Math over last several years. It is a massive humanitarian organization. It covers so many activities like empowering women, disaster management, slum renovation, fighting hunger & disease, healthcare & nutrition, education, green initiatives – list goes long and long – this is the kind of work done by Amma. If you look at them closely, Amma is addressing the issues that are relevant for 21st century. What Government has to do, Amma is doing. . . . Even if Amma had restricted herself to spiritual discourses only, her greatness would not have been lesser anyway. But along with spiritual messages, Amma has also paved the way for betterment of mankind using those spiritual principles. She has inspired mankind to work for the upliftment and fulfillment of the needs of the common people – through the medium of modern setups, through modern technology and innovations, and the efforts to use science and technology for the common masses. . . .”

India’s heart and soul resides in its villages and with its farmers, yet they are being left out of the incredible progress India continues to make. Born out of Amma’s boundless love and compassion, the humanitarian project Amrita SeRVe is working in 101 villages throughout India to help them become self-reliant, the statement said.

To date, Amrita SeRVe volunteers have helped villages find reliable sources of water, brought hydropower and solar energy to villages and started vocational training centers to provide alternate means of income to farming families. They are teaching basic hygiene practices to children and adults such as washing their hands with soap and bathing regularly. They are also training women to build toilets so they have safety for their needs. This initiative also reduces water contamination from open defecation. Amrita SeRVe volunteers are also educating farmers on rebuilding the health of the soil, organic farming practices and crop rotation, all of which are already yielding profitable results.

Amma will be in New England on July 1st and 2nd, 2017 at the Radisson Hotel Manchester, 700 Elm Street, Manchester, NH 03101.

Free programs  July 1, Morning: 10:00am, Evening: 7:30pm,  July 2, Morning: 10:00am, Evening: 7:00pm – Program includes a ceremony for world peace.

Please plan to arrive at least 90 minutes before the program to receive a free token if you would like to have Amma’s embrace. Tokens are limited by time constraints.  For more information, please visit, call 781-519-2297 or email

For information on Amma’s charitable activities, please visit


  1. There is crisis in New Hampshire
    Opium. Risks
    Perhaps amma should donate funds to governor and help as part of global mission


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