Muslims React to US Supreme Court Decision, Urge to Organize Vigils and Marches

Imam Malik Mujahid

CHICAGO–Muslim Vision, a non-profit, tax exempt 501 (C) 3 organization, reacted to Supreme Court decision on Muslim ban case, and offered to help individuals, groups and the mosques in organizing a vigil or in contacting their local media.

“Supreme Court today agreed to hear Trump’s Muslim ban case in Fall 2017; however, the Court also allowed Trump administration to go ahead and ban People from Iran, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen to enter the United States if they are unable to show a bona fide relationship with a particular person or entity in the U.S.,” Muslim Vision said in a statement.

Imam Malik Mujahid

Muslim Ban or not, the threat to ban Muslim organizations, the threat of Muslim registry have real impact in emboldening Islamophobes in strategizing the White House operatives who translate the Islamophobic fear mongering into public policy, the thugs on the street who go attacking hijabis, and the bullies in schools, the statement said.

“Then there are stealth attacks through memos being sent by Islamophobes in the white house to different government departments which is being used by some banks and other financial institutions to deny legitimate Muslim charities, the Muslim business, and otherwise traveling Muslims like the son of the great Muhammad Ali,” the statement said.

It added that Sound Vision team will be happy to help individuals, groups, and the mosques in organizing a vigil or in contacting their local media.

“It is time to speak up and reach out to our neighbors as well as to our law makers,” Imam Malik Mujahid, President of Sound Vision, said in the statement. “We ask Muslims, especially the mosques, to organize a vigil or a march in front of a mosque, a church or city hall.”


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