Books This Weekend: Of Yoga sutras, mystery and superstitions


New Delhi–Embark on an inspiring journey based on the ancient philosophy of Yoga Sutras, flick through the story of a newly married couple stuck in a mystery, read about the steady advent of modernity in a village where tradition and subversion coexist and learn a new way to stress-test business strategies by flushing out unseen threats and missed opportunities.

IANS bookshelf offers a varied interest this weekend.

1. Book: Just Breathe; Author: Radhika Vachani; Publisher: Westland; Pages: 245; Price: Rs 350

How do we find peace, permanence and certainty in a world that is, by its very nature, impermanent, uncertain and volatile?

The reality is that we experience our entire lives through the mind, and all our experiences of pain, pleasure, satisfaction and dissatisfaction stem from there. To create meaning and be happy, we must train our minds to become a fit instrument that supports our well-being and enables us to reach our full human potential.

In “Just Breathe”, Vachani takes readers on an inspiring journey based on the ancient philosophy of the Yoga Sutras. It shows how to skilfully manoeuvre through the complex game of life.

Through simple, practical techniques, we can discover that our breath is by far the most important tool in helping us master the mind, the route to joyful life experiences.

Informative, introspective, simple and surprising, this book is a must-read for anyone wanting to experience life in all its fullness, while also enjoying optimal mental, emotional and physical wellness.

2. Book: The Girl Behind The Glass; Author: Sumit Pramanik; Publisher: Pirates; Pages: 374; Price: Rs 299

Just-married Neelabh and Shakshi arrive at Hotel Infinity, desperate to take cover from unknown pursuers.

Next morning, a police inspector appears, enquiring about a car that hurtled off a bridge nearby. The girl who was in the vehicle is missing.

As the eyes of the hotel-dwellers turn to each other, tragedy strikes again, this time much closer.

Can Neelabh and Shakshi escape alive from the hotel? They soon learn that the devils inside them are no less dark than the devils outside. When secrets are peeled off like skin, people bleed.

3. Book: The Wall; Author: Sowmya Aji; Publisher: HarperCollins; Pages: 210; Price: Rs 350

A stone wall at the periphery of a village somewhere in Karnataka guards a dangerous mystery. Yet, four generations of women — helpless and spirited, headstrong and weak with desire, have a wayward fascination with it.

Tradition and subversion coexist with superstitions and there is a slow advent of modernity in this novel where time is a wilful beast and the gods walk around.

4. Book: Red Teaming; Author: Bryce G. Hoffman; Publisher: Hachette; Pages: 288; Price: Rs 599

Developed by military and intelligence agencies, “Red Teaming” is a revolutionary new way to stress test strategies, flush out unseen threats and missed opportunities and execute more successfully in an increasingly uncertain world.

“Red Teaming” can help a company plan better, anticipate emerging competitors and avoid potentially disastrous mistakes from mistimed product launches to ill-conceived acquisitions.

The book makes critical and contrarian thinking part of the planning process, allowing companies to take a hard look at their assumptions, examine the ways in which plans could fail and carefully consider alternative explanations and perspectives.

In this book, Hoffman shows how the most innovative and disruptive companies, such as Google and Toyota, already employ some of these techniques organically. He also shows how many high-profile business failures, including those that sparked the great recession, could easily have been averted by using these approaches. (IANS)


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