Balsaheb Darade Visits Boston to Promote India-US Trade and Investments

Balasaheb Darade (Photo: Facebook)

BOSTON–Balasaheb Darade, who after completing his Masters degree in nanotechnology from University of Cincinnati returned to India to pursue his dreams of social entrepreneurship and politics, is now focusing on promoting Indo-US trade and investments.

“There are a lot of opportunities for Indian businesses to investment in the United States and for Americans to invest in India,” said Darade, who was visiting Boston this week. “My strength is to connect the dots and that is what I am trying to do in promoting trade between India and the US.”

He said opportunities in the areas of health care and education are tremendous between the two countries.

Balasaheb Darade (Photo: Facebook)

Darade returned to India in 2011 and tried to work with various rural projects and tried his luck in politics as well. He won Local District Council Elections in his home town Lonar in the State of Maharashtra, as an Independent candidate.  Currently, he is working in advisory capacity for the state of Maharashtra, and especially on two district projects where his goal is double the per capita income of people by 2020.

Darade said now is using is network in the United States and India and is devoting his time to enhance US-India trade and investments.


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