I’m looking at ‘Ittefaq’ as new film: Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha (Photo: Facebook)

Mumbai– Actress Sonakshi Sinha, who has been roped in for a remake of the 1969 suspense thriller “Ittefaq”, says she is looking at it as a fresh film.

“I have not seen the old ‘Ittefaq’. So for me, I am doing a new film. And I am sure a lot of people from our generation have not seen the original ‘Ittefaq’ either. The way film is rewritten and adapted to fit in today’s scenario and time, makes it a fresh film. I am looking at it as a new film,” Sonakshi said on Monday during an interview here.

The 1969 classic was directed by late filmmaker Yash Chopra and starred Rajesh Khanna, Nanda and Madan Puri in pivotal roles.

Sonakshi, who is selecting strong women-oriented roles, is stepping into the role Nanda played.

Sonakshi Sinha (Photo: Facebook)

“I would like people to know me as a versatile actor who can perform all kinds of roles,” said Sonkashi, who is paired with Sidharth Malhotra in “Ittefaq”.

The film is being helmed by Abhay Chopra, grandson of the late B.R. Chopra who had produced the original film.

Sonakshi, meanwhile, is busy promoting Sunhil Sippy directorial “Noor”, in which she plays a journalist.

She says it is one of the most relatable characters she has ever portrayed on screen.

“The character of Noor is the most relatable character I’ve ever done on screen in my entire career. See, I am the kind of actor who can only work when the camera is rolling. I cannot go into prep mode or practise method-acting.

“So I had to talk to the director, understand his vision for my character and once I get it, I portray it to the best of my ability. The way she behaves, reacts, struggles… It is all so real that every one of us has gone through it at some point of time in our lives,” Sonakshi said.

After “Akira” and “Force 2”, Sonkashi is once again coming out with a strong female-oriented film.

“I am very happy that I am getting to play such strong characters that people can identify with, and people can remember. And I have been getting positive feedback for ‘Force 2’ or ‘Noor’. I’ve got a taste of it, I will keep on doing such roles,” she said.

“Noor” is scheduled for a worldwide release on April 21. (IANS)


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