When you become successful, love becomes rare: Vikram Bhatt

Vikram Bhatt

Mumbai–Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt, who is presenting “Spotlight”, a web series which talks about the dark side of Bollywood, says it’s ironic that when a person isn’t successful, he or she is surrounded by loving people and friends, but as a person climbs the ladder of success, love becomes rare.

“Spotlight”, a series of 10 episodes, will be available on Viu app, the video on demand service of Vuclip, from Friday.

Vikram Bhatt

“To my mind, ‘Spotlight’ is not so much about Bollywood but about a girl in Bollywood. It is about everything that you want. You get fame, money, but the higher you climb, the lonelier you get. The one thing that becomes rare as you go higher, like when we climb the mountain, oxygen becomes lesser… Love becomes rare,” Bhatt told IANS.

“You crave that one person with whom you can share. It is a kind of an irony that when you don’t have success, you have people around you and when you do have success, you don’t have that person with whom you can share it. It is the loneliness of fame which is what ‘Spotlight’ is about,” he added.

Directed by Suhail Tatari, “Spotlight” is a fictional biopic of a Bollywood starlet. It features Tridha Choudhury along with Sid Makkar.(IANS)


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