TV Snippets: Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain, Brahmarakshas, Tassnim Sheikh, Abhishek Mallik, Sonali Nikam, Parag Tyagi


Tassnim, Sonali gatecrash wedding

Mumbai–Actors Tassnim Sheikh, Abhishek Mallik and Sonali Nikam, who are currently seen in new TV show “Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi”, gatecrashed a wedding and surprised the bride and groom in Lucknow.

The Rastogi family was celebrating the wedding reception of their daughter Komal, when Tassnim, Abhishek and Sonali gatecrashed the wedding celebrations. Dressed as the groom’s relatives, the actors made a grand entry with ‘dhol’.

“We wish you great success for the show. It was just wonderful seeing the actors come on stage suddenly. Made our day,” Komal said in a statement.

Commenting on the innovative promotion, Tassnim said: “I was a little hesitant not knowing how people around would react to us gatecrashing a wedding, but wedding is a major theme in our show. So doing something like this made total sense.”

Tassnim said people at the wedding welcomed them with equal enthusiasm.

“The bride and groom had no idea about our visit, so the best thing was to notice their expressions. They were totally taken aback. The response we received from the people was overwhelming,” she added.

Sonali said: “I was really excited and thrilled with this idea of gatecrashing a wedding. Our show ‘Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi’ is based on the lines of a wedding and I must say it was the most memorable moment to catch such priceless expressions of the couple and to chat up with guests.”

Parag Tyagi sad with ‘Brahmarakshas’ going off air

Actor Parag Tyagi is upset that the popular TV show “Brahmarakshas” will come to an end on Saturday.

“I have mixed feelings right now. I am sad that the show is going off air. We all knew since its inception that it is a finite series, but somewhere we all got so engrossed in the process of making the show that we forgot we were headed towards its end,” Parag said in a statement.

“A special thanks to Ekta Kapoor as I got this opportunity to play such a unique and challenging role in ‘Brahmarakshas’. While there has been much appreciation from every quarter, kids flock me and smother me everywhere I go.

“This show has been very close to my heart as I have tried something new and learnt so much while playing the role of a supernatural character,” he added.

Apart from Parag, “Brahmarakshas”, aired on Zee TV, also featured Rakshanda Khan, Kishwer Merchantt and Krystle D’souza among others.

Raftaar, Anmol Malik compose song for ‘Bhabhi Ji…’

Rapper Raftaar and singer Anmol Malik have come together to record a single for popular TV show “Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain”

The song is a peppy rap, that will complement the humour on the show. The lyrics of the song have been specially crafted to suit the tempo of the show.

“I had a great time writing, composing and lending my voice to the ‘Bhabhi Ji…’ song. I think it’s stellar that such a popular sitcom which the audience enjoys so much will have a single to it. Honestly, it was a ‘Sahi pakde hain’ moment for me when I was approached for this,” Anmol said in a statement.

“The song has turned out to be as quirky as the show itself! I have personally enjoyed working on the song and collaborating with Raftaar,” she added.

“Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain” is aired on &TV.


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