680 Cubans deported after US enforces new immigration policy


Washington– At least 680 illegal migrants were sent back to Cuba following the end of “wet foot, dry foot” immigration policy by former President Barack Obama in January, the media reported on Saturday.

A total of 979 illegal migrants returned to Cuba from neighbouring countries this year after a new US immigration policy took effect on January 12, Xinhua news agency reported.

So far, 115 Cubans have been returned from the US and 246 were deported from Mexico.

The long-standing policy granted residency to Cubans who arrived in the US without visas. The special US immigration treatment for Cuba was in place for around 22 years.

After the new policy came into effect, thousands of Cubans have been stranded in countries in Central America and the Caribbean in their attempt to reach the US.

US President Donald Trump has not made any statement regarding the new policy, only saying that his administration is reviewing the thawing ties with Cuba.

The US has pledged to grant at least 20,000 visas for Cubans every year to come to the country legally. (IANS)


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