Jaidev Dasgupta Joins Massachusetts Medical Society as Project Leader

Jaidev Dasgupta

WALTHAM, MA– Jaidev Dasgupta, a scientist, entrepreneur and an author, has joined Massachusetts Medical Society to lead a project related to physician burnout which is at an epidemic rate.

The Massachusetts Medical Society, known as MMS, is the statewide professional association for physicians and medical students. The Society, under the auspices of NEJM Group, publishes the New England Journal of Medicine, a leading global medical journal.

Jaidev Dasgupta

“Several studies have shown that physician burnout is reaching epidemic levels in the US,” Dasgupta told INDIA New England News. “More than 50% physicians in training and practicing feel emotionally exhausted, have a reduced sense of personal accomplishment and experience depersonalization.”

Dasgupta, who will serve as Project Leader at MMS, said such experiences adversely affect patient care, physicians’ personal well-being, professionalism and the viability of health-care system.

“The purpose of the project at PHS/MMS is to develop a program to assist physicians in dealing with these problems,” Dasgupta said.

Dasgupta, Ph.D., is a scientist, entrepreneur and an author. He has an MS in Physics and Ph.D. in Biology. He is a member of New York Academy of Sciences. He has worked at several reputable international institutes for science and was a professor at Harvard Medical School conducting research in human immunology and cancer biology.

As a V.P., Chief Technology Officer and President, Dasgupta has directed application of information technology in expediting drug discovery processes in several start-up companies. He is also deeply interested in Indian philosophy and its relevance in modern context. His scientific work has been published in international journals and he has authored a book reviewing Indian thought systems titled In Search of Immortality.


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