98-year-old freedom fighter prevented from taking Jal Samadhi

98year old freefom fighter

Agra–Police on Sunday foiled an attempt by a 98-year-old freedom fighter, Chimman Lal Jain, to jump into the Yamuna to denounce the government’s failure to enforce prohibition in Uttar Pradesh.

A large group of men and women, volunteers of Garib Sena as well as activists followed Jain from his house as he walked to reach the Yamuna for ‘Jal Samadhi’.

98year old freefom fighter
98year old freefom fighter

As the slogan-shouting crowd swelled, a posse of policemen obstructed his march and forced him into a jeep which took him to a police station.

Jain told IANS that he will continue to highlight the problems caused by liquor consumption.

In the past two years, Jain had made several attempts to end his life in support of prohibition but each time police have come in the way.


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