Homaira Naseem and Noman Khanani Elected National Delegates for Bernie Sanders

Homaira Naseem

WORCESTER, MA–Homaira Naseem of Boylston, MA, and Noman Khanani of Worcester, MA, both from the Greater Worcester area, got elected as National Delegates for Bernie Sanders at the Second Congressional District caucus held at Greenfield Middle School.

Naseem, originally from India and a graduate of Aligarh University, came to the United States after she and Khalid Naseem got married. She is a scientist and holds three patents.

Noman Khanani

Khanani, 24, was born in the US.  Approximately out of a population of over 300,000, close to 4,500 Democratic delegates are elected in the US.

Tahir Ali, a former Delegate at large (R) in 1996, organized the effort and was glad that team work prevailed.



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