How to make your bedroom summer-friendly

New Delhi– Go for subtle hues like mint and lime, declutter and ditch the heavy carpets from your bedroom for a cool summer, say experts. Sonam Gupta, Design Head, Tangerine, a soft furnishing home decor brand, and Amrit Borkakoty, Founder,...

Skincare tips for summer

New Delhi– The sun, dust and pollution can take a toll on your skin. Look for some simple home remedies to take care of skin woes, to soothe and calm the skin every evening after a long day of environmental onslaught, say experts. Rashmi...

5 Ways to Overcome Shyness Around Women

By Jasbina Ahluwalia Let’s just say it: being shy around women sucks! Shyness can freeze you in your tracks and be your biggest obstacle to connecting with women. However, lots of guys find ways to overcome their shyness and meet amazing women....

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