Mango-yogurt mousse-say hello to spring!!!

By Sangeeta Pradhan Spring is here! Hooray! Finally after a prolonged winter, that much awaited season called spring has arrived in New England, ushered in by bright, yellow crocuses peeping through cool green fronds,  and tulips nodding their...

Superfoods or Superhype?

(Editor’s note: Given the value of this information to our readers, this article is reprinted here from The Nutrition Source of The Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health. Sources of information are indexed in the bottom of the article.)...

Plant Power: The new protein revolution

By Janette Fletcher A diet rich in protein is essential for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, but is the way in which we fuel our bodies changing? The trend towards ‘plant-based’ foods is on the rise. The  movement in clean-eating...

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