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WINCHESTER, MA—Democratic Candidate for US Congress from Maryland is visiting Boston on Sept. 12 for a fundraising for his campaign. Kumar is the longest serving Indian American legislator in the United States. For the past 12 years he was the Maryland House Majority leader and this past year he was given the chairmanship of a major committee.

"Kumar has nationally mentored all Indian-Americans running for political office. He also helps their campaigns financially," said Ramesh Kapur, who is chair of Barve's Boston fundraising committee. "Kumar is proud to be Indian-American, and has the political capability of being a future President of the United States of America."

Kumar, who has been recognized for his many legislative achievements by organizations and advocates for physicians, high technology businesses and the environment, said he has a very good chance of winning the special congressional election in Maryland.

BOSTON — A proposed initiative to regulate and tax marijuana like alcohol in Massachusetts moved another step closer to the 2016 ballot Wednesday when the state Attorney General's office certified the petition in support of the measure. The attorney general is required to review all initiative petitions to ensure they meet certain constitutional requirements and must prepare a "fair, concise summary of the proposed law" to appear on petitions and the ballot.

NEW DEHLI -- Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said climate change is a "pressing global challenge" that calls for "collective human action and a comprehensive response".

Addressing a gathering of spiritual leaders, scholars and leaders from several countries at a conference on conflict avoidance and environment consciousness, the prime minister said it was the poor people of the world who were most directly hit due to climate change.
WALTHAM, MA—Real Estate Times (formerly Boston/SF News), a sister publication of INDIA New England News and IndUS Business Journal, today announced the key panelists for its 7th annual Senior Housing Summit, which will be held on Sept. 29 at Westin Hotel in Waltham, MA. The key panelists include: Tom Grape, Chairman and CEO of Benchmark Senior Living; Peter Mullin, Co-Founder, Senior Living Residences; and Richard T. Moore, President, Massachusetts Assisted Living Facilities Association. To register, click here.
NEW DEHLI -- India with its $2 trillion economy, its large workforce coupled with the government's 'Act East' policy and 'Make in India' initiative deserves to be at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) table, former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd said on Wednesday.

Rudd said the forum of 21 Asia-Pacific economies was missing out much in not including India as a member.
By Aparajita Gupta
NEW DEHLI -- The frenzied reactions of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) supporters on social media against anyone strongly critical of Prime Minister Narendra Modi or his policies are not organised by the party, says the cyber czar of BJP.

Arvind Gupta, BJP's IT cell chief, who is called an "innovation evangelist" by his office, says his job is to give out correct information. "How a particular person takes that information and communicates it is completely his or her own take. We can't control that," Gupta said in an interview to IANS.
NEW DEHLI -- Pria Kataria Puri is set to organise a fashion show in Geneva to celebrate the decade-old existence of Heart For India foundation (HFI). The designer says the intention is to spread awareness among the privileged and encourage them to contribute towards a noble cause.

HFI, founded by Princess Francoise Sturdza, helps in turning orphanages into stable, nurturing and loving homes for children, where they can thrive and transform their lives. Puri is the Indian promoter and ambassador of the foundation.
WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration is challenging Louisiana's Indian-American Governor Bobby Jindal's attempt to terminate Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, a non-profit providing reproductive health and maternal and child health services, from the state's Medicaid programme.

Republican presidential contender Jindal's effort to terminate Planned Parenthood was launched following the release of a series of undercover videos by abortion opponents that have raised questions about clinic operations.
MERRIMACK, NH - Fall is just around the corner, and let's not be ashamed to admit one simple fact: constipation is high. According to PDRHealth.com, "...eighty percent of people experience constipation at some point in their lives." Fall is the time of year when traditional Chinese remedies are in demand, and Ayurveda (pronounced •eye-your-vay-da') is the perfect go-to resource for this common health issue.
WASHINGTON -- Tabla maestro Zakir Hussain and singer Hariharan will perform at George Washington University in Washington, US, on September 4, a media report said.

The two renowned musicians will perform several shows during their Hazir USA Tour 2015.
NEW DEHLI --  In her own way through the wide-reaching platform of cinema, successful and acclaimed Indian actress Vidya Balan has been pushing the idea of a strong, independent and woman-with-a-voice through invigorating roles in "Kahaani" and "No One Killed Jessica". She says empowerment is a cause which must be "personal" for every woman before it is regarded as a "national issue".

"I think we have a long way to go before every woman in the country feels empowered. But I do think that with each passing day, some woman is discovering her own power... so, women empowerment is not just a national issue.

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WASHINGTON -- An India-American doctor has been training his peers in robotics-assisted surgery as part of a programme that draws surgeons from all over the US, a media report said.

Kirpal Singh, a surgeon at St. Vincent Indianapolis Hospital in Illinois, has so far performed about 450 operations using the $2 million da Vinci robot.
LONDON -- Next time when you buy porridge for morning breakfast, try to look for one with rough and coarse particles as this can significantly lower blood sugar levels by letting the starch digest slowly in the gut, new research suggests.

Wheat is a good source of starch and also contains dietary fibre.
SYDNEY -- India is among the top 10 countries which have helped Australia record its strongest tourism year since the Sydney Olympics Games in 2001, according to media reports.

India was reported as one of the fastest growing source markets for the year ending June 2015, according to the latest survey report by Tourism Research Australia (TRA).
By Arvind Padmanabhan
BERLIN -- Dutch consumer and well-being electronics giant Royal Philips on Thursday launched a host of products -- from a wearable healthcare watch to air purifiers -- some of which were jointly developed at its India innovation arms in Pune and Bengaluru.

Some of these products also have a "connected" app over cloud to permit personalised diagnostics, analyses and advice to enable users take greater control of their lives, a top Philips official said at the preview of IFA Berlin, the largest consumer electronics fair in Europe.
HYDERABAD -- Hyderabad police have arrested a man from West Bengal for aiding a Nigerian hacking bank accounts, particularly of NRIs.

The cyber crime police station arrested Sankar Bera on a complaint by a NRI, who was defrauded to the tune of Rs.10 lakh.
WASHINGTON -- An exhibition of art and culture by artists of Indian origin and heritage -- "India in Focus" -- will be part of a six-week Pittsburgh Cultural Trust event to be held from September 25 to November 8.

"Zakir Hussain's Jazz: A Musical Bridge East to West" will be held on October 13 at Pittsburgh's Byham Theatre.

BOSTON  – The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles today announced the availability of free in-branch WiFi service for customers performing transactions at eight branch locations across the Commonwealth.  The RMV is offering this amenity as part of its effort to enhance customer service and modernize branch operations.

“The RMV is pleased to expand access to WiFi to enhance our customers’ service experience,” said Registrar Erin Deveney.  “Customers will now have the convenience of internet access at their disposal to perform either work or other leisure activities online.”

NEW DEHLI -- India's menswear market, driven by the male desire to be well-groomed and impeccable style-wise, is attracting the country's top-notch designers to put their creative juices to use in that direction. They say men have finally realised that fashion isn't only for women.
Renowned designer Manish Malhotra, who has completed 25 years as a costume designer and 10 years of his label, showcased his debut menswear line titled 'The Gentlemen's Club' at a fashion week in Mumbai last month.
NEW DEHLI -- Even as talks with the central government's mediators continue ex-servicemen, staging a hunger strike here to seek immediate implementation of the OROP scheme, on Thursday said there was no clarity from the government's side over the issue.

Thursday was the 81st day of protest by ex-servicemen in the national capital. Thirteen retired soldiers are on indefinite hunger strike. Relay hunger strikes are being held in some 60 towns and cities.
NEW DEHLI -- Following up on the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India and the UAE on Thursday agreed to boost bilateral trade by 60 percent over the next five years and also enhance UAE investments in India.

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan held the 11th session of the India-UAE Joint Commission Meeting for Technical and Economical Cooperation here.
By Nishant Arora
NEW DEHLI -- As more Indians surf for online pornography, despite efforts to ban it, experts caution that excessive exposure to explicit sex on the net may result in some of them turning into porn addicts and hypersexuals.

"Obsessive porn viewing can turn some into hyper-sexuals and addicts. This may later lead to porn dependence or even promiscuity, leading to relationship break-ups," says Dr Manish Jain, senior consultant (psychiatrist) at BLK Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi.
NEW YORK - While sun protection is often associated with hot summer days, harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays are present year-round and can be just as dangerous on the schoolyard as they are at the beach. Because UV rays are associated with about 86 percent of melanomas and 90 percent of nonmelanoma skin cancers, children must be diligent about sun protection when they head back to school.
NEW DEHLI -- Normal life was hit in many states on Wednesday as millions of industrial and blue collar employees struck work in the first nationwide protest since Prime Minister Narendra Modi took power more than a year ago.

Leaders of central trade unions which called the day-long strike claimed "unprecedented success" as banks, insurance companies and state-run as well as private factories shut across the country. Transport unions and traders too joined the protest in many places, leading to the closure of educational institutions and thin attendance in government offices.
NEW DEHLI -- Bringing a world of artificial intelligence and robots from the canvas of cinema, a three-day Artificial Intelligence Film Festival will be held here from September 17.

The festival, being held in collaboration with Cinedarbaar, will show six science-fiction films that bring stories of robots and technology which will be followed by interactive sessions and robotic workshops at the American Center Auditorium (US Embassy) here, read a statement.
NEW YORK -- Helping your toddler understand and express emotions may reduce behavioural problems later on, says a new study.

"Our findings offer promise for a practical, cost-effective parenting strategy to support at-risk toddlers' social and emotional development and reduce behavioural problems," said lead investigator of the study Holly Brophy-Herb, professor at Michigan State University in the US.

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