The Desai Foundation and ClassPass Founder Payal Kadakia Pujji Team up for The 2018 Lotus Festival

Payal Kadakia Pujji

STOW,  MA–The Desai Foundation, which empowers women and children to elevate health and livelihood in India and the United States, announced its line up for The Lotus Festival set to take place on Sept. 8, 2018, at the  Collings Foundation Estate in Stow, MA.


The Lotus Festival supports the Desai Foundation’s vocational programs for rural women in Gujarat where they offer sewing classes, computer classes, sanitary napkin making and sales programs, along with many other vocational programs to ensure that every rural woman has the opportunity to dream beyond her circumstances.

This year’s event features two phenomenal artists and one incredible performance. For the first time ever ClassPass founder Payal Kadakia Pujji and Indian vocalist Falu who has performed at the White house will perform together in a collaboration that will captivate your ears, eyes, and soul.

A skilled performer and choreographer who has been dancing since she was 3, Payal used her love of dance to birth ClassPass which has grown into a business valued at a billion dollars landing her on lists such as Fortune’s Most Promising Women Entrepreneurs and Marie Claire’s Most Influential Women in America.

“The Desai Foundation is a nonprofit with a mission that I’ve been proud to be a part of since 2010! I am inspired by the organization’s work empowering girls in rural India to #DreamBeyond through health, livelihood and education programs,” says Payal.

Payal and Falu serve as a beautiful reminder that you can pursue what you love while always keeping in mind where you came from and what you stand for.  These creative powerhouses are an inspiration to people everywhere showing that the moment in between where you are, and who you can become, is where the dance of life really takes place.

Payal Kadakia Pujji

“Indian culture has been a powerful vehicle for us to spread the story of those we serve at the Desai Foundation. Falu & Payal, aside from being dear friends, have always been great supporters of our work. As powerful women at the top of their game, they are truly an inspiration for the women we serve. The Lotus Festival has always been a mix of east & west, history & progress, which ultimately leads to the bloom of a lotus, even in the muddiest of waters. The Desai foundation believes that dignity is the element that motivates women to dream beyond their circumstances and we can’t think of a more powerful collaboration than these two women to show that anything is possible. We are so honored that they will collaborate for the first time on the Lotus Festival stage. You will not want to miss it,” the Desai Foundation said in a statement.

The Desai Foundation empowers women and children to elevate health and livelihood in India & U.S  its highly impactful programming leveraging strong partners on the ground in the US and India. The Desai Foundation focuses on sustainable development with programs spanning from vocational classes, health camps, community volunteer outreach, and sanitary napkin programs all for women in need. The organization, to date, has impacted 380,000 womens lives in Gujarat, India, Metro-Boston, and Harlem, New York.


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